BEAUTY ALERT! E.L.F. Flawless Finish SPF 15 Foundation in New Shade!

Dear Lovely Reader,

Just got the heads-up that e.l.f. has expanded their flawless foundation line (which is quite good at an incredible price that I featured here) with Coco, Espresso, and Ebony.  A medium to a deep beautiful rich chocolate brown trio.  Includes SPF 15!

Price is $6.00 each (U.S.)

From the website – Ebony

elf flawless foundation in ebony.jpg


Hurrah for e.l.f. bringing in deeper tones!



MAKEUP LOOK OF THE DAY: Using IPSY October glam bag!

Dear Lovely Reader,

Today I tried out my IPSY October glam bag products.  While the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil was a bit too smudgy for my taste (it kept smudging after I powdered/baked under my eyes), I made it work for me.

The lipstick color from Luna by Luna was a little too Pepto Bismol pink for me, but it’s always nice to try a new color and go outside my comfort zone.

Foundation is e.l.f. HD Foundation in Sand, setting powder is Coty Airspun, blush is BH Cosmetics Blushed to Go 4 Color Blush Palette.

Here’s the finished result, my makeup look for the day, sans the eyeshadow which was a little too dark for a daylook.  My review of Ipsy October is here.

Stay lovely!


MAGIC BOX: Ipsy – October 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

Hello, and how are you?  I hope you are doing well.  Today I was delighted to finally receive my IPSY bag for October!  And for my favorite time of year (second only to Christmas) I was astounded by the beauty of this particular bag.  The thought, care, and detail of the bag alone are stunning.  The placard within states:  “In my defense, the moon was full and I was left unsupervised.”  Cheeky!  I can’t wait to try out a new Halloween holiday look.


The bag looks demure — at first.  As you look closer, you will see it has a sweet lace pattern, done in a deep wine red, very luscious color for the fall.  Then the zipper has a whimsical yet very Halloween touch — the zipper is in the shape of a bat with the word Ipsy embossed on it!  Very cool!  I really like this bag.


The theme of this month is called “Spellbound”.  Go figure!  Now.  Let’s see what’s within:

MEECH and MIA – M&M Shadows Purple eyeshadow – U.S. $11.50.  Is a loose powder, but it does have a bit of a sifter so I didn’t have to open it to having it fly everywhere which is nice.




picture from the website:


Tarte Cosmetics Lifted Mascara — surprisingly long lash brush!  It’s as long as the bottle it came in.  So maybe 1 or two applications on each eyelash and it’ll be finished.  I understand this is to be “sweatproof” formula. U.S. $23.00




Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil & Shea Butter, a leave-in oil treatment conditioner to put two or three drops and apply to hair, damp or dry to protect from split ends.  This is a hair oil, a newer product.  They do have a hair pack treatment that can be found at ULTA at $1.50 (U.S.) per pack.  Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS may also carry the hair oil serum version.



Luna Lip Crayon by Luna in Elara.  So pretty pink! $18.00 (U.S.)


Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Perversion. The packaging for the sample was impressive.  $23.00 U.S.




Let’s Review: Tattoo Junkee Lip Paint & Lip Effects

Dear Lovely Reader,

Hello!  How are you?  I hope this week finds you well.

As you may know, I’m all about finding quality product that performs well at a decent price that works well with my pocketbook.

Today I am reviewing the Tattoo Junkee Lip Color.  I managed to snag two of them while at my local Duane Reade store, and I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised at this product!

The containers appear slightly smaller than the size of a Colourpop lip container, and the scent is vanilla cake like.  The applicator is a “doe foot” sponge applicator, and again, nothing out of the ordinary.  But the pigmentation and color are beautiful.  The added bonus is the claim is two looks in one, you can wear the lippie by itself, which finishes matte, or you can add the sparkle that’s included, and have a second look.  The texture of this product does remind me of Colourpop’s.  The price for these are around the $5.00 – $7.00 range depending where you buy.  They are also listed with Amazon.



The first one I tried, in Happy Hour, is a beautiful wine color, a nice deep color.  I absolutely loved it, and only sparingly applied glitter from the separate little container, keeping it mostly in the middle of the bottom lip.  It looks sexy and fun.



with glitter


The second one called Minx was an interesting color.  Since my lips are already naturally pigmented, the color goes on a little funky.  I also noticed the smell, while still a bit vanilla-y, was also smelling a little more chemical like.



with glitter it just kicks it up gorgeously.  it went from meh to WOWZA.  It looks liquidy here, right?  Nope, that’s the glitter on the matte.  OOOH WHEEE!  I think I’m in love.



I have to say I like them both.  The product sits on the lips similar to NYX Lip Lingerie, so you feel it ever so lightly on the lips.  You will have to condition and moisturize your lips prior to applying this or any matte lip color.  I like that I’m able to control how much glitter glam I want and where on my lips.  Plus get at least two or three different looks with quality color and pigmentation for one low price?  I’m sold!

For those in the U.S., it can be found at Walgreens, Walmart and Target.  Duane Reade is owned by Walgreens, hence why I found it there.

Further note:  While Tattoo Junkee claims cruelty-free in its FAQ page, it also states that not all of their products are vegan, and to contact them if you have a specific product in mind to inquire about.  They ship domestic U.S. but are “working on” global/international shipping.  There is no return policy due to the low cost of their products.

From the website:

An appetizing shade of mocha, Minx lip color is the perfect liquid lipstick for accentuating your sultry smile. You might want to lock the doors and close the blinds before adding on the spicy bronze effects. Package includes one 0.11-fl. oz. long-lasting lip color and one 0.2-oz. container of accenting shimmer powder.

  • Rich, high-pigmented mocha lip color
  • Long lasting liquid lipstick – no need to reapply
  • Smudge-proof for gorgeous lip color that stays in place all day
  • Dries matte
  • Get 2 looks in 1 with the included silky velvet effects


Ingredient list here



MAGIC BOX: How To Be A Redhead – October 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

How exciting – the latest H2BAR, the only beauty subscription box for redheads — has arrived at my doorstep.  It’s interesting to see people gawk at the box, and then go “there’s such a thing?”

YES indeed, you’re staring right at it, sweetie.

This month’s box was chock full of beauty samples.  The theme of the box is “Pumpkin Head” — a nickname because of how unique redheads are, and how they stand out from the crowd, and how redheads sometimes get teased for that yet come to embrace and own their unique beauty mark.

How To Be A Redhead (H2BAR) loves to give to charities, which is why proceeds from the October box are going to the National Breast Cancer Association for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Let’s see what’s within:




Evelyn Iona Green Tea primer!  And it’s vegan!  Full size $29.50 @evelyniona


June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque – $18.00 U.S.  @junejacobsspa


A return favorite – Just For Redheads Eyebrow Pencil – $14.00 @justforredheadsofficial


Marc Anthony Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Deep Nourishing Conditioning Treatment Sachet – $3.00 U.S. @marcanthonyhaircare


LXR Spa Treatment – $5.00 U.S. @lxrorganics


Freedom Naturals Calming Moisturizer – $4.00 @freedomnaturals


Tela Beauty Organics Make It Bigger Sample Sachet, $5.00 @telabeautyorganics


Agadir Argan Oil Deep Fortifying Shampoo Hair Shield 450  Can’t wait to try this!  My hair needs major help.


Amanda Blakely SPF Lip Protectant $4.00 U.S. @ab_skincare


Redhead Revolution Mascara in “Geniune Ginger” shade, $8.00 U.S. @redhead_revolution


Albertini International Warm Love Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask – $4.50 @albertini_international



So excited to dive right into Fall!


MAKEUP OF THE DAY: BH Cosmetics HD Naturally Flawless Foundation

Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy Weekend to you!  Today I was test driving the BH Cosmetics HD Naturally Flawless Foundation.  What better way to try it out than in attending New York Comic Con?

I walked for several hours checking out booths and getting to meet artists and writers.  The $8.99 (U.S.) foundation held up and did not slide off my nose.  My skin looked natural, not cakey or dry.  I wore my cute reading glasses and they didn’t slide off.  I didn’t see any oxidizing.  There is a chemical smell to this – it smells a lot like house paint.  The smell dissipates once applied.



The bottle feels very luxurious, made of a smoked glass and has a bit of weight to it along with a pump which I like.  The liquid comes out a bit thick which is nice, but not too thick.  I was able to apply with no problem and it wasn’t runny.


I used a BeautyBlender to apply after priming my face with e.l.f. cosmetics Hydrating Primer Stick which has quickly become my go-to prep onto a clean face before starting my makeup ritual.

I used Colourpop’s No Filter concealer under eyes and sides of nose, and it blended well without lifting the foundation off my skin.  I then lightly baked my face with Coty Air Spun powder, waited a minute, then used e.l.f.’s flat head powder brush to lightly buff away any extra powder.

For the eyes, I used the Yes Please palette by Colourpop.

I warmed my face with theBalm’s Betty Lou-Manizer, and on the cheeks was Balm Springs Blush.  I finished the look with spritzing my face with Smashbox Primer Setting Spray, and applied Colourpop’s Matte Lipstick x I LUV SARAHII in Arriba!

I would say this is light to medium wear but the site says medium to full coverage.  Listed as vegan and cruelty-free, dermatologist tested.  It does cater to both light and darker skin tones, not as much as Maybelline, but a nice diversity in the shades.  Currently 18 shades.

First hour wear:


Seven hours later:

7 hours later.jpg

Final thoughts:  As the hours went by, my skin got a glow, but the foundation didn’t fall apart.  I would recommend, but with a caution – my skin had a slight reaction to it.  Maybe because it mentions a reformulation with hyaluronic acid?  And did I mention it smells like house paint?

I love BH because they always have a good sale going on and their eyeshadow palettes have been very good quality.  As of this writing, they have a sale on $7.00 (U.S.) palettes and $8.00 (U.S.) brush sets.  Hmmm….

BEAUTY HAUL: theBalm Cosmetics

Dear Lovely Reader,

Hello again and hope this post finds you well.  Did you take advantage of the fifty percent (50%) site wide sale at theBalm Cosmetics site?  They called it the Back to School sale, which was so adorable, as adorable as their packaging.

I tried to remember my budget and kept it very simple.  I bought the Betty-Lou Manizer a/k/a The Bronzing Bandit, the Balm Springs blush full size (I had received a beauty sample in one of my subscriptions and so wanted to get a full-size version, it’s gorgeously pink) and finally the Down Boy blush, which is darker, and looks very sultry.  And there is a saying emblazoned around the Down Boy mirror in English and in French – “So many men so little time”.  Tres bien!










The packaging, of course, is so retro and gives me a kick.  I just adore it.  I’m so glad to finally own these and will incorporate into my fall routine.

What do you adore from theBalm?