MAGIC BOX: IPSY – August 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

Ipsy came in a beautiful gold wrapping (instead of the usual hot pink) and brought some news along with its beautiful beach themed bag that reads “Good Vibes Only”.  A great thought to keep in mind for the rest of the year, not just the summer!


There is a booklet that features an IPSY Creator and YT beauty guide named Gabriel Zamora.  Within are pictures of some of the well-known brand products that IPSY carries that you can also buy — and gain points on that, in turn, will pay out into cash for you — called IPSY Cash.  You have the option to either have IPSY cut you a check or send it to your PayPal account, which is very convenient.  Based on what you buy, the points add up, and cash back – which you can either apply to another purchase or gift yourself the cash back.





Would you like to see what is within the August IPSY bag for me this month?  Let’s see:


First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay— Red Clay?  Gotta try!  The cleanser is the color of red clay and smells of rosemary oil.  It’s to clean your skin without stripping it.



theBalm Cosmetics theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha is a pale peachy eyeshadow to highlight the brow bone or cheek bone or use as a neutral base for the eyelids.




EYEKO Black Magic Mascara Deluxe – can never have enough black mascara! water resistant and cruelty-free in a squeezy tube.  With Keratin and Shea Butter, it promotes that it will curl your lashes and has a great brush that curves just like your natural lashes would over your eye.



Naked Cosmetics HD Finishing Translucent Powder comes with a tip to pack a little extra of this on the upper lid line in order for eyeliner to go on more smoothly.  I always appreciate the quick makeup tips that IPSY puts in its makeup card/brochure/website.

and finally


SLMissGlam – T35 Precise Blending Brush – I always appreciate a makeup tool, especially brushes that work.  Silky soft and cruelty-free!

Overall, I’m very pleased with the selection and can’t wait to try them all out!












Dear Lovely Reader,

While checking out the products and already thinking of the Fall box, Fab Fit Fun thought of passing along a treat — 15% percent off when you join!  I’ve written several posts about the Fab Fit Fun experience I’ve had, and so far it’s been great.  I find it a great, truly lifestyle themed subscription.  I go with the Editor’s Box and so far have not been disappointed.

If you want to check out my prior posts on FFF, check out this one and this — the most recent is this.

15% Discount code HERE


BEAUTY ALERT: Musical Genius Prince is Honored by Pantone

Dear Lovely Reader,

While this is a non makeup post, it’s still a beauty(ful) one.  Pantone just announced its collab with The Prince Estate to create LOVE SYMBOL NUMBER 2 and utilizes his unique symbol in the packaging and of course, PURPLE.

The Prince Estate is looking to pair up with other companies to further incorporate his color and his symbol.

The world still mourns His Purple Royal Majesty.

Prince Estate x Pantone Press Release


Let’s Review a R.I.P.: BH Cosmetics x Pride & Prejudice & Zombies Movie Tie-in Eye and Cheek Palette

Dear Lovely Reader,

This is a lovely palette that I found on a sale on BH Cosmetics a while back and wanted to test and take time with to review.  I don’t know if you have seen Pride & Prejudice & Zombies but it’s actually quite a well-made movie and mixes the genres of romanticism from the Regency era (Jane Austen) and zombies (Walking Dead).   I’m a little late to this party because the palette and movie came out last year.


This palette caught my eye simply because I liked the movie and also thought how interesting someone thought up a palette inspired by the film.  The palette includes 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 1 highlighter.  The eyeshadows have a mix of matte and shimmer in colors that go from day to night.  The blurb on the back of the palette reads:  “The drop dead gorgeous shades will bring your look to life.”  The wording on the packaging is in English and French.  Vegan and paraben free.  There is no smell or odor to the palette.


The packaging is well thought out, very sturdy, and clicks closed with a magnetic click.

Inside, there is a mirror with a quote underneath from PPZ protagonist Elizabeth Bennett that reads:  “I shall never relinquish my sword for a ring.”

The colors are gorgeous, great pigmentation, there is no muddying of the colors when blended.  And I can blend these nicely, they don’t lose themselves.  There is kickback, there was some powdery fallout with the mattes when applying but nothing that a nice fluffy brush can’t get rid of.  The product, as you see, clings to the brush.  Only thing:  the colors do not have any names or numbers associated with them.  Checking on prior history, there is a mention that BH did indeed have names for them but somehow, they never materialized in the final product.  The page referencing them on BH has vanished.

I did, however, come across a blog entry called Diary of A Beauty Padawan that put up an image showcasing what the color names might have been.  My fave colors so far have been bone to put on as the foundation color, then shell beige which is a shimmy coppery delight, with burnt sienna in the eye crease to deepen the look and pale yellow gold in the enter of the eylid or for the brow bone.  Champagne is a sweet subtle highlighter and the warm pink adds a nice glow to my face – but a little goes a long way:

from Diary of a Beauty Padawan review - BH Cosmetics PPZ palette.JPG




Some looks:



The palette is currently out of stock on the BH Cosmetics website and on Amazon.  It is listed as a limited edition and apparently truly is.  Wow!

Well, better late to the party than never!  Glad I got this!

Do you have this palette?  Did you get it for the movie or concept or just because you love makeup and found the price enticing?  I believe I got mine for less than ten dollars.

Stay lovely!




BEAUTY ALERT: Colourpop does inspired tie-in with CLAWS TV show…

Dear Lovely Reader,

Have you watched the show CLAWS, which just finished its first season on TNT and is renewed for a season two?

If you haven’t, and loved drama shows like Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie, this is the show for you.

The show stars Niecy Nash, (most recently seen on SCREAM QUEENS) and she is the mother hen and leader of the nail salon she runs.  She has loyalty with her employees, and lives a fairly complicated life with a boyfriend who is a drug runner and she helps him out while taking care of putting out fires whether at home with her grown autistic brother or with the ladies and their lives at the job or her boyfriend’s dealings and his family.  Adult situations.

I won’t give anything further on the plot, you just gotta check it out.

Well, after only one season in, Colourpop announced a tie-in with KARRUECHE with a lipstick inspired by Karrueche’s character on the show.  Karrueche is the girl with the long super blond hair and yellow top, first on the left.  The ultra satin lipstick is called Virginia and you can see what it may look like on the promo poster for the show.  The rest of her line, the Kae Pop and Fem Rosa, is here.

For fans of the show, like me, gotta get it!  $6.00 U.S.

Link to TV show here.


claws image.jpg


Dear Lovely Reader,

If you are an IPSY subscriber, you no doubt got a little card or headsup from them about the upcoming GEN BEAUTY by Ipsy convention coming to Jacob Javits in September (they also hold conventions in Toronto and San Francisco, but on different dates).

If you are interested in going and will be in NYC September 23 & 24, 2017 (it’s a two-day event and the ticket you buy gains you entry for both days along with a goodie bag), click here!

Some of the companies listed to appear:  CIATÉ, Covergirl, Luxie, Lancome, MAC, Makeup Forever, and NYX.  With two days, there will be plenty to see — some of them will be selling products, but I also hope there will be giveaways.  This is my first convention with IPSY and this is my second beauty convention overall – I covered my first ever one in this post.

Ticket price is $169.00 U.S. dollars and is General Admission — although they do have an early entry fee for another $30-36 U.S. dollars).  If you are a beauty creator with IPSY you can get a complimentary ticket instead.  Here’s their FAQ page for NYC.

See you there!

Stay lovely!


BEAUTY ALERT: Colourpop YES PLEASE palette re-stocking is NOW

Dear Lovely Reader,

If you haven’t heard, Colourpop has restocked its YES PLEASE palette — which has been compared to the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette in several YT videos online.  If you like warm tones, this is the one for you.  Missed the first time it was shown and it sold out quick.  Got mine the second time around.  Want to get ahold of one?  It’s $16.00 U.S.  Yup, a HECK of a lot cheaper than UD.  Some pressed powders I bought separately have had terrific color payoff and not overly powdery.  Pic is from Colourpop website.

Click here.