Hair Diaries – Castor Oil

Dear Lovely Reader,

Hello, how are you?  I hope you are well.  Ah, my mood hair.  There are times I have had a hair day that required wearing a hat to look halfway decent.  It’s OK when you are outside and running errands and such.  However, it kind of stands out when you are indoors.  People expect you to take off your hat.

As I have posted on this blog from time to time, my hair is fine and wavy.  I am always looking for ways (preferably natural and non chemical) to thicken and produce more healthy hair on my head.  I came across some videos proclaiming about castor oil being the big thing to help with hair growth.

In my seemingly never ending search for achieving a crowning glory of thick shiny gorgeous behaving hair, I went in search for a castor oil solution.  Castor oil is recognized as something that may help with skin issues and is used around the world.  Then some videos mentioned that it wasn’t just any castor oil.  It had something to do with how it is processed.  Or.  Without containing something called hexane.  Or.  It had to be something called Black Jamaican.  Shea Moisture has a version of this, and after trying this for a bit I noticed no difference to my hair.  It smells nice, though.

Here is a quick article on the difference between Castor Oil and Jamaican Black.

castor oil

shea moisture

Then today I come across this article from ALLURE.  Turns out there has yet to be actual documented scientific studies done on castor oil.   With people praising it online and so many videos documenting the use of this oil, I could only think of one question.  Why?

Direct quote from the article:

“”Castor oil will not grow hair,” says cosmetic chemist and author Perry Romanowski matter-of-factly. “There is no evidence for it and no scientific theory supporting that it would work, so yes, it’s a total myth.” In better news, he says that castor oil is not damaging to the hair and can provide some conditioning that improves the flexibility of the hair fiber.

Adam Friedman, a program director at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, is on the same page as Romanowski. “While it does have antimicrobial properties which may be useful in terms of fighting off bacterial or fungal overgrowth on the scalp that can lead to hair-damaging inflammation, there is zero evidence [showing] it is helpful for hair growth,” he says, adding that some people can actually be allergic to castor oil and experience inflammation, ultimately doing more damage than good to the scalp. “To propose that castor oil accelerates hair growth, a tightly regulated process (one centimeter per month) for which FDA approved medications for hair loss do not impact, is ridiculous,” he states.”

Guess it’s time for some of us to step up for testing.  Anyone?




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