BEAUTY ALERT: Colourpop does inspired tie-in with CLAWS TV show…

Dear Lovely Reader,

Have you watched the show CLAWS, which just finished its first season on TNT and is renewed for a season two?

If you haven’t, and loved drama shows like Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie, this is the show for you.

The show stars Niecy Nash, (most recently seen on SCREAM QUEENS) and she is the mother hen and leader of the nail salon she runs.  She has loyalty with her employees, and lives a fairly complicated life with a boyfriend who is a drug runner and she helps him out while taking care of putting out fires whether at home with her grown autistic brother or with the ladies and their lives at the job or her boyfriend’s dealings and his family.  Adult situations.

I won’t give anything further on the plot, you just gotta check it out.

Well, after only one season in, Colourpop announced a tie-in with KARRUECHE with a lipstick inspired by Karrueche’s character on the show.  Karrueche is the girl with the long super blond hair and yellow top, first on the left.  The ultra satin lipstick is called Virginia and you can see what it may look like on the promo poster for the show.  The rest of her line, the Kae Pop and Fem Rosa, is here.

For fans of the show, like me, gotta get it!  $6.00 U.S.

Link to TV show here.


claws image.jpg


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