Dear Lovely Reader,

Hello and welcome!  Whoa! — I think it’s time for something that everyone can use!

I’ve been looking at brands that I have happily used in order to bring some more beauty benefits to share with you.  The brand product had to do the job as well as being natural and as chemical free as possible. With this in mind, I’ve teamed with a wonderful natural beauty company called PAIR’D.

I found out about them several months ago when they were part of a How To Be A Redhead beauty subscription box and since then I’ve bought their makeup setting spray, makeup remover and additional dry shampoo (mention of the dry shampoo here).  I favor their lavender scented stuff.

They offer bath bombs, bath soaks, body butters, oils, body scrubs, even a makeup remover and makeup setting spray!  They just came out with mud masks.  They are 100% natural and are vegan.  They are also fair trade and mostly organic.  Their prices are reasonable, and range from prices according to size.  For example, you can get the 2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, and the price changes accordingly.  The 2 oz sizes can be viewed here:



Lovely readers, here’s the beauty bonus:

PAIR’D has offered a 10% discount to my readers!  And I am over the moon!  I hope you are too!  The code is below.  Make sure to put the exact code in with your order.  So excited!!!  Enjoy and Stay Lovely!

The discount code is PairdWithDawn

Expiration:  12/31/2017



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