MAGIC BOX: Birchbox July 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

This month’s Birchbox design made me pause…it reminded me somehow of cooling weather ahead.  The cool tone colors and the stars, although not blue or white, kind of reminded me of snowflakes.  Then I remembered winter is five months away.

What, me worry?

The theme is “We’re adding an extra punch to your summer routine.”

Hmmm.  So I lifted the cover…let’s see what’s within!


Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer  (full size $21.00 U.S.) – Perfect for any skin type, this rejuvenating cream that’s packed with antioxidants and humectants moisturizes and revitalizes dry, dull, or stressed-out skin.

Just in time for summer wear!

amika  Un. Done Texture Spray (full size $24.00 U.S.) – For a boost of body and tousled texture (sans stickiness) mist this styling spray.  Sea buckthorn berry adds shine while natural mineral zeolite builds volume.

Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum in Sunrise (full size $16.00 U.S.) – This lightweight, water based blush gives your cheeks a healthy flush, while nourishing your skin with apricot seed and vitamin E oil.

LOC x Tati One & Done Shadow Stick in Nite Owl ($10.00 U.S. full size) – A versatile, long-lasting plum eyeliner from Birchbox brand LOC (Love Of Color).  For a defined look, gently trace your lash line, for a dramatic one, smudge the line over your lid.

I note that this is a collaboration with YT’er Beauty Guru Tati.


Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Gel Eye Makeup Remover (full size $16.00 U.S.) – This multifunctional formula works to gently remove all makeup (even waterproof mascara), while soothing skin and reducing puffiness around the eyes.

The placard contained within reads:

“Sundresses and flip flops, a pop of color on lips and cheeks — during the dog days of summer all it takes are those ultraeasy one-two-and-done combos to get you out the door.”

The box also offers to save 10% on the sampled products!

Wouldn’t hurt to try them all out.

I’m curious about the plum eyeliner (never had plum liner, which is listed at the Birchbox website as a Fall color, interestingly enough) and the blush serum.  The micellar eye makeup remover is also curious to me.  It would have been cool to have more moisturizing sunblocking stuff for the hair.

Remember, all of these are sample sizes, not full size.  The only full size may be the LOC plum liner.  Even then, it’s not that long.


What did you get in your Birchbox this month?  What are you most excited about?  If you don’t have Birchbox, would you consider getting a subscription?

Stay lovely!





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