Dear Lovely Reader,

Woo-hoo!  Summer continues to be sunnier with the arrival of the Fab Fit Fun Summer 2017 box.

The illustrations on the box are wonderful and whimsical, reminding me of more innocent days in the sun as a child from the city going to a nice clean beach, breathing in fresh air and seeing sparkling clear water to cool off in.






Now to check out what is inside to greet the summer!


The lovely newsletter, which in big bold face type proclaims “HELLO SUMMER” which fills you in on the theme, what creators/entrepreneurs/organizations/companies took part of the summer box, and why.

To start the theme, there is a lovely beachy theme multiple use fabric wrap – mine was blue and white – a sarong, scarf, cover or wrap one’s head, so many uses.  It’s called the Michael Stars Ruana.


There’s the Avene sunscreen in 50+ protection from the sun!


And…oooh the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze for a sunny glow!


Swatched it and already loving it – more natural glowy not blinding to the stars:


Juice Beauty Eye Concentrate serum – an eye serum is a must when you squint in the sun and have dry skin around the eyes!


The bkr water bottle — it’s solid, has some weight to it, made of glass with a protective silicone covering.


Way of Will’s Soothe and Cool Massage Oil (perfect for after a workout!)


For the artist in me (you fill out a prior quick questionaire checking in with FFF before they send the summer box):  The Ready, Set, Create! Art Kit by Amy Tangerine (SO COOL!)


And a lovely simple piece of jewelry:  Kris Nations’ Mystic Bar Necklace in Moonstone and it comes in such a cute container:


This is interesting:  collagen to drink as a nutrient?  Vital Proteins’ Marine Collagen, a collagen powder that can be “easily added to any beverage, hot or cold, for a healthy completion and a life of vibrancy.  Gluten-free, sugar-free, and non-GMO, the Marine Collagen Peptides contains 10 grams of natural collagen protein in each serving.”

I had no idea.

The artist work on the summer box is credited to Libby Vanderploeg who is an illustrator living and working in Greenpoint, Brooklyn who grew up in Michigan.  I find her work whimsical and very much the picture of summertime.

FabFitFun continues to build it’s online video library of fitness programming, as well as DIY projects and what to make for dinner at and also has an app:

The best part besides the lovely lifestyle pieces that are included in each and every box?  The featured charity.  This one is for the Joyful Heart Foundation, founder Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order KitSVU fame.  She talks about how the Foundation came to be and how it is helping people of all ages who need help from abuse and neglect.

There are quick articles on how to have a stress free vacation, throw an art party, or make a meal utilizing the Salted Himalayan Pink Salt that came in the boxes of those who identified themselves as a chef instead of a traveler or artist (as I stated earlier in this post, I chose artist from the questionnaire FFF sent prior to creating the summer box).

There’s a two page spread on 30 ways to wear the Ruana ( gives description as a poncholike outer garment of heavy wool, worn especially in the mountains of Colombia) and packing tips.

All of the featured products came from companies women owned or led.  Another plus!

The company heads get a feature as well in the newsletter.

There’s a quick summer beauty routine page along with another on the 50 benefits of water, an article on the gemstone necklace, an article on what is collagen, that all tie to the products received in the summer box.

There is a section that features some of the FFF actual members.  They featured four women, when they joined FFF as a member and asks them a quick Q&A: favorite FFF ever, one thing they’d like to see in the next box, favorite inspirational woman, and guilty pleasure song.

On the back page of the newsletter is a Jamaica Giveaway!  OOOOooh, always wanted to check out Jamaica!

Welp, that’s the summer box for 2017!  Yes yes and a gorgeous Yes to the box and the lifestyle samplings that it seems so far only FFF is known for in its editors box.  Lifestyle is truly lifestyle for FFF and I appreciate that.

For those who celebrate July 4, enjoy and be safe!

Enjoy the summer!

Stay lovely!













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