Dear Lovely Reader,

This box premiered at the BeautyCon, and I just had to get one!  The price was very affordable and agreeable, and I had been wanting to get ahold of the rainbow highlighter but it was always sold out.  Yes, it was gimmicky, but the other one Wet N Wild had, the Gold Bar, is beautiful, so I wanted to give it a try.

These colors and this box is perfectly timed for the summer.  The box will be sold on Ulta for $29.99 (U.S.).


The set comes with three compact highlighters, two are marked “Limited Edition”.  The rainbow one is there — JOY!

There are also two iridescent lipsticks with awesome names (Unicorn Soul and Immortal Tears) and three pastel highlighter shades (in purple, teal, pink) if you want to create an even more unique highlighter look via custom blend.

There is also a brush in the shape of a unicorn’s horn.  Initially looks black but at different angles, you see the iridescent glow.  The brush is soft.  I wish it were bigger and fluffier, but overall, for the price, pigmentation and performance, I think that this is a major lovely bargain and a must for every girl who dreams in technicolor.


I will start using this straight away…and will post pics later in the week to showcase color and performance.

This makes makeup play so much more…play!  This is my first full kit and I can’t wait to dive in!

Stay lovely!







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