MAGIC BOX: How To Be A Redhead – May 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

Oh my oh my oh my!  One of my favorite boxes (and the only beauty box dedicated to redheads!) arrived today!  YAY!  I couldn’t wait to find out what was inside and what the theme would be.



The theme:  A Redhead’s Vacation Essentials…and all products are cruelty-free too!  Oooh!  I’m always looking for something to take care of my hair.


  1.  Evolue Beauty, CLEAR by Jean Sen ($15.00 value) – This has a blend of 12 herbs as well as organic biodynamic alcohol that helps to get rid of a face blemish more quickly.   Dip the applicator or cotton swab into CLEAR and apply to the spot, hold for 30 seconds and done.
  2. Damone Roberts AM PM 30 day supply ($75.00 value) – It’s a two step system for day and a two step system for night.  Day has the facial cleanser and moisturizer and Night has makeup remover and moisturizing night cream.  I’m in!
  3. BlissKiss Simply Pure Hydrating Oil Pen ($7.00 value) – “Liquid gold” for your cuticles/nails.
  4. Invisibobble ($2.00 value) – Allows red hair to be held strongly in the ponytail without feeling too tight or leaving a lump.
  5. Luseta Beauty Volume Reviving Dry Shampoo ($7.00 value travel size) – self explanatory
  6. Nunzio Hair Sheets ($2.00 value) – Cut frizz immediately!  Apply at hairline and directly onto flyaways.  Enriched with coconut oil for shine.  A conditioning treat for red hair.
  7. Lotus RX Shampoo & Conditioner ($10.00 value travel set) – Sulfate, salt and paraben free, gives a hydrating  conditioning  and soothing result.  Chamomile and and nettle work together to reduce redness, itching and inflammation.
  8. Egyptian Magic ($2.00 value) – A travel must for redheads!  A cut, sunburn, rash?  Or want extra moisture for face/body?  Use this!

The box came with discount codes for certain products showcased above should I choose to buy the full size versions.

OOOO-WEEEEE!  Can’t wait to dive in and try it all!  May is going to be beautifully EPIC!

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