UPDATE: Dirty Dancing Palette by Sola Look

Dear Lovely Reader,

Just wanted to update on the look I’ve been getting with the palette by posting some pics here.  I’m trying to stop being lazy and work with my better cameras.  The camera phone is convenient but not always top quality as a regular camera would be.




another for the blog

The shadows are easy to apply and blend easily.  There is kickback and some of the eye shadow powder will rest under your eyes and on top of your cheeks.  On the other hand, this is easy to remedy once you are done blending with some concealer or powder to clean up your look.  The lip is an amazing color and works for day or night.

This palette is for those who are a fan of retro, the 1980’s or the Dirty Dancing movie.

I tried to wear this for day but found it pretty strong.  It doesn’t really have a light enough color to use as a base color.  But.  It’s definitely a fun night look for me.

The palette costs $36.00 (U.S.)








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