Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy Passover!  Happy Easter!

Oh happy day!

Got my pretty shiny pink package a couple of days ago and I was grateful for the happy boost.

Within is a really cute bag in the shape of a carnival ticket — part of the theme called “SIDE SHOW”.

It felt like the first day of Spring, the first trip to the Spring Festival, where with warmer temperatures there are balloons, hotdogs, popcorn and cotton candy, Ferris wheels and bumper cars.  The buzz for this bag was about the Paula Frank Unicorny blush brush.  I did not get that brush, but I did appreciate getting a pretty pale blue LUXIE brush!


Inside was this interesting bunch:


Product name and descriptions from IPSY are below, starting from top left to right of above photo.

Aloe Soothing Gel

  • Have you ever used aloe beyond sunburn season? We hadn’t either. But now we can’t live without it.

  • It’s cooling, refreshing, smoothing, and it feels ahhhh-mayyyy-zing.

  • Aloe is naturally regenerative, so it will help balance out any redness or uneven skin tone.

  • The gel texture also makes a killer makeup primer.

Naked Cosmetics
Heavy Metal #04

  • Naked Cosmetics uses only high grade 100% oxidized mica in their pigments. In real talk, this mean you’ll get crazy vibrant color.

  • We’re obsessed with metallic anything right now, but this rich rust shade is especially gorg (and especially wearable).

  • It’s not just an eyeshadow! You can use it as a liner, lipstick, nail polish…you name it. Just blend it with water, lip balm, or clear top coat to see all the possibilities.

Ciaté London
Mini Bamboo Bronzer in Star Island or Palm Island

  • A bronzer is a bronzer is a bronzer, right? Wrong! This one is spiked with amaranth and sunflower extracts, which help soothe and smooth your complexion (we love makeup that doubles as skincare).

  • It also has oil-controlling ingredients. So aside from getting a faux sunkissed glow, you’ll stay shine-free all day.

  • Sweep on a teeny bit or pile it on. Either way, you’ll be a bronzed goddess (never an Oopma Loompa) thanks to its neutral undertones.

touch in SOL
No Poreblem! Primer

  • It’s made with green tea extract, which energizes and protects your complexion. (It also gives the primer a fresh, yummy scent.)
  • Layering this on before foundation kept our makeup on lock from A.M. to P.M. without any touchups.
  • We’re obsessed with how it seemed to shrink our pores, blur away fine lines, and even out our skin tone.

Luxie Beauty
Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660

  • We wish we were as good at multitasking as this genius brush! You can use it for all your liquid, cream, or powder foundations, concealers, highlighters AND bronzers. NBD.

  • Earn brush bragging rights. The pretty periwinkle handle looks amazing in your kit, but even better on your vanity.

  • Pssst! We think we know why it’s called “dreamcatcher.” (It’s because it makes all our makeup application dreams come true!)

  • Have a brush with kindness! This fluffy beauty is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

REVIEW:  I have tried out each of these products.  The No Poreblem! primer I tried first and found it stayed put, was not as slick as say, Smashbox, but it seemed a similar lighter texture.  My makeup stayed in place for the day.  I have used the Hanalei Aloe Gel as a soother, but like the idea of using it as a primer as suggested by Ipsy and will try that.  The Ciate bronzer — a little goes a long way.  Blend it well, because as a pale girl, if you don’t, it will be very stark against your neck color.  The eye color from Naked Cosmetics is gorgeous coppery.  The powder is loose so be careful when you open it.  It’s buttery and very easy to pack on without using some kind of gel.  For day, a little goes a long way and blend well.  For night, just pack it on and use a little to smoke out the bottom of your eye and BAM! gorgeous color.  The LUXIE concealer brush is my second brush from IPSY and is surprisingly very big and fluffy.  I had thought this is more a blush brush, that’s how fluffy it is.  I have yet to try it with concealer because I normally use makeup sponges.

I do like the makeup suggestions and tips that IPSY has recently included to help show you the versatility of the makeup they send.  Very helpful.

Do you subscribe to Ipsy?  What did you like most about what you received this month?

Stay lovely!













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