INGENIUS! Beauty Fix – Colourpop Palette

Dear Lovely Reader,

By now you may have seen the Colourpop Palette that you get empty, but free if you buy 4 pressed eye shadows.  The problem is:  what if you buy more than that, what happens to the other 1 or two or three?  If you don’t buy 4, you don’t get a palette, so that leaves anything less floating without a home.

Someone figured out that if you take the top silver part out (GENTLY and CAREFULLY without poking or scratching) you can lift it out and underneath is the magnet, at the bottom of the palette, and you can then add up to, get this, 10 of the pressed shadows so they’re not lonely and orphaned anymore!  On YT this is shown here and here

I tried it…and after a couple of doubts, I was able to do it without destroying the integrity of the rest of the box and magnet.  WHEW, it’s pretty easy!

Here’s how it looks in case you were curious.  I used a clean butter knife in this scenario:


  1. Take a clean butter knife and gently insert at one end of the silver surface.
  2. Gently.  Slowly.  Pull up.  Check that you’re not ripping out the magnet piece as well.
  3. Finish pulling the silver piece off (it should come off with a black foam like piece underneath it.  Make sure again it’s not the magnetic part which is a thin slightly glossy black piece.
  4. There will be some glue remaining on the magnet.  Using the pad of your finger, gently push off the glue.  It should come off easy.
  5. Some people then glue the magnet piece to the bottom of the palette box.  I didn’t, it seemed pretty secure.
  6. Put your pressed shadows back in along with those sad orphan pressed shadows you had and YAY!  They all fit!  Up to 10 pressed shadows can fit, no problem!  And you can set the colors to match what you want.  Perfect travel case.  Love it!








Stay lovely!




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