Mini Colourpop HAUL

Dear Lovely Reader,

Please forgive this being slightly out of order from the prior post, which should have been placed after this one.

Colourpop had a 24 hour limited sale on “all green” coloured makeup in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  I ordered a green eyeliner (Fast Lane) and eyeshadow (supershock is Cheap Date and pressed is Team Captain).






I also decided to try out the highlighter duo that is starting to get some buzz on YT.

The Knockout (part of the Peach series)

This peachy cheek duo will send you flying and leave you with a golden, nectar glow!

Excuse My French: matte blush; soft peach

Like to Watch: pearlized highlighter; peach with a duochorome gold flip

pic of palette packaging


pic of The Knockout


What’s not to like?  Can’t wait to try them all out!

Stay lovely!







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