MAGIC BOX: FabFitFun Spring 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

The past couple of days it’s been feeling like the holidays in my home.  There’s nothing quite like having the doorbell buzzed and packages being dropped at your door.  And they’re not for the significant other, the family pet, or the kids.  It’s not a misplaced package for one of the neighbors.  It’s just for you.  For you!

It makes me feel sooo special!

The oversized brown box it came in was the exact opposite of the fabulousness that awaited within.  But I quickly realized it was because I had ordered other pieces outside of the box, and found this lovely bright yellow box with purple accents — just in time for Spring.  And it IS the Spring 2017 box, after all.  Their mini magazine states it is FFF’s THIRD anniversary!  Bravo!  The charity they are supporting is called MORE THAN ME which uses education as a catalyst for change for girls in Liberia.

FabFitFun is very supportive of female businesses and promotes them in their boxes which is awesome.  The theme for this particular box is called FabFitFun is a true beauty and lifestyle box.  Within is vitamins, skin, face and hair cleansers and conditioners, lip stick, nail polish, cute earrings, mini tote bag and … a circular picnic towel!

Here is a quick peek!



My skin has been feeling kind of shiny and greasy — off-balance, lately.  Overproducing oil, especially in the T-zone and my skin feels kind off balance.

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasian Age Defying Exfoliator

RealHer “I Am Fabulous” in Deep Red

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioning Spray

LUV AJ Earring/Jewelry

Deborah Lippmann nailpolish set “Like A Virgin / Blue Orchid”

Karuna Hydrating Mask 4 pack

Nature’s Bounty Gummies for Hair, Skin, Nails

The circular blanket (The Boho Beach Roundie) from Gypsy05 is a picnic blanket!  The Resting Beach Face pouch has been suggested to store utensils in for said picnic!

The I Am Fabulous mini box is a lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil set.  I certainly can appreciate the positive messages within.

Here are the extras I bought, I think FFF calls them add-ons.

Moleskine 2017 Weekly Notebook Diary/Planner.  Got one in purple for my cousin who is just mad for purple, and I bought the other in dark green, for me.

juice Beauty – I got a lippie from their phyto-pigments line, and I also picked up their facial cleanser.  I also got another Marakkesh Oil Serum for my hair.  This just smells so delicious I just had to get it when FFF was offering it.

This is one I’m dying to try.  It’s from Burt’s Bees!


So with the skin tired from a rough winter into Spring — definitely got some good products to try (the masks should be interesting) !  I also love that FFF gave a set of 4 masks instead of just one which one can’t really judge on to see the effects on the face.

Do you get the FabFitFun box?  What did you find the most interesting to try from FFF?

Stay lovely!





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