LET’S REVIEW: Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows


Dear Lovely Reader,

OK, I admit it, I delayed getting this simply because I felt that Colourpop felt pressured to get away from what made them deliciously unique from other online makeup companies.

I felt it was conforming.  And it kinda turned me off.

Then I got swayed by the reviews on YT and on other beauty blogs.  Seems other people didn’t have a problem with them.  The only complaint actually, was about the palette – you can only get it by ordering four pressed shadows and you got it for “free” and how it only held four magnetically within and how others figured out a way to make a slight revise to have them hold about 10 of their pressed eyeshadows.

Colourpop, I’m sure there is a reason…

So enough of that, and on to the colour.

The colours are pretty and very pigmented, I give Colourpop that.  They also blend into the eye quite nicely without having to use a finger which is what I would use for the normal eyeshadows they had.  These are powdery but in a good way, they cling to the brush and go on like a dream.

And did I mention they blend beautifully and easily?

The push on Colourpop is for getting the Monochrome look.  You can make your own color compact or you can buy one that Colourpop put together.  In this case, I chose the Nectar line, I got Blow Me Away.  And indeed, the colours DID blow me away!

The color line is as follows:

Take a Break: duo chrome peach with a subtle gold flip
Issues: matte pastel peach
Centerfold: matte vibrant coral
Slim Fit: matte hot red coral

Price of the kit is the eyeshadows, which are $5.00 (U.S.) a piece.  For a kit like Nectar’s Blow Me Away colours already pre-set by Colourpop it’s $18.00 U.S.  The 4 eyeshadow kit, alas, comes without a brush or a mirror.

Of course, I started with a clean moisturized face.  Then spritzed my face with Smashbox Liquid Primer.  I did not use foundation but applied Tarte Tape Concealer around the nose and around the eyes and blended with a makeup sponge.  I used the concealer for the eyelids in place of eye primer.

I then used the e.l.f. “C” brush to utilize all four shadows into my eyelids for a beautiful BAM! look.

The sequence on how I put it on the eye:  1 was all over and on the browbone.  2 was in the crease.  3 was on the eyelid and 4 was right above the crease and under the browbone.

order they went on the eyelid.jpg

I also used the Stila eyeliner in Cobalt Blue to shake things up a bit and the e.l.f. Nude eyeliner for the lower inner water line to further brighten my eyes.  Blush was e.l.f. Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve, Cargo Swimmables bronzer to warm up the face.  Besame 1952 Wild Orchid lipstick is on the mouth painted on with a Besame lipbrush.  Spritzed face with PAIR’D Lavender Makeup Setting Spray and Besame Cosmetics Brightening Lavender powder to bake and set.  I used the e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush to work everything in and gently remove the excess powder.  Then I spritzed with PAIR’D again.  It’s so yummy, you can taste it without worrying about what you’re tasting, it’s very natural.

And ta-da!



Colourpop had a 24 hour St. Patricks Day sale for a discount on their green coloured/tinted products, so I had to sneak on and buy a couple more shadows and a liner.  Stay tuned for the reveal on that one!

Overall, I say “job well done, Colourpop” and I WILL be ordering more of the other pretty colours they have soon.

Have you ordered any of the pressed eyeshadows from Colourpop?  What do you think of them?

Stay lovely!







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