HAIR HEALTH DIARY: Hairfinity by Brock Beauty

Dear Lovely Reader,

As part of my Hair Health Diary series, I wanted to provide an update on what I’ve been using as a hair vitamin supplement.  I’ve been using Hairfinity, two pills a day, for now three months, and I can say this:  it works.  Now it doesn’t work for hair regrowth in bald spots or thickening of the hair.  However.  It DOES work for length.  My hair went from chin length to just past my shoulder in the three months I’ve been taking these pills.

I am not kidding!

I also note that when I first started taking Hairfinity, my scalp itched.  Concerned, I stopped taking it.  When I looked it up online with other reviews, some reported experiencing the same thing.  That brought me some relief.  Then I started taking them again, the itching happened again, but like others who experienced the same thing, I kept taking them and the itching went away.

I didn’t notice right away but at the second month of taking the pills, that’s when I noticed the hair length changing.  By the third month it was more dramatic.

This was my hair length around Halloween 2016.  I’m leaning over, but my hair actually came to chin length.  It wasn’t growing and I started taking the Hairfinity.

Dawn RESSY October 2016

My length February 2016 — past my shoulder!  Time to trim my ends!

Dawn Ressy February 2017

These pills were bought on Amazon, the company has a link with them.  I then went to the Brock Beauty actual website, where they also sell the pills, but also sell special versions, which are not sold on Amazon.


Today I got the “Detox and De-Stress”, and the “Volume Builder” pills.  The directions at the website read I can take one of these pills along with the two a day of the regular pills.  And of course, drink plenty of water.

I will update after a couple of months regarding how these special pills, called “Boosters” really help with the regular product.

On Amazon they sell the 1 month, 2 month, 3 month and Ultimate Revival Kit and the Shampoo.  On their website they sell the regular pills with a one month, two month, three month, six month and year subscriptions, and you can have recurring delivery of their other pills as well.

  • Provides the building blocks for complete hair transformation.
  • Free of Sulfates, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Parabens, and Phthalates.
  • For all hair types and textures.



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