MAGIC BOX: How to Be A Redhead March 2017


Dear Lovely Reader,

Today I received my How To Be A Redhead (H2BAR) box for March and the theme was “Green Natural”.

This is what was inside:

1. Ceramide Care Hair Pack $3.00 (US) – Retains moisture, prevents splitting and breaking. Fortified with Rice Protein.


2. colorpHlex Leave In Treatment & Detangler $5.50 (US) – has sunflower extract! helps retain hair color and protects from UV damage and fading.


3.  re:BEAUTY reCHARGE Mask Full Size $46.00 (US) – Perfect for sensitive skin, anti aging complex with Vitamin B, Plankton Extract and Seed Oil.


4.  Tree to Tub Travel Size Body Wash Soapberry $9.00 (US)

The description for this reads: Give this berry a rub to produce a rich lather.  Also works as an organic laundry detergent!  Vegan.

5. Fresh Wipes @getfreshwipes $2.00 (US)



6.  LUSETA Beauty Keratin Conditioner $5.00 (US)


7.  Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash Teeth Whitening Sample $3.00 value


8.  Mineral Fusion Lip Color in ‘Vine’ $11.00 (US)



9.  Serious Serum $6.00 (US) – AHA/BHA Ingrown Hair Eliminator and Skin Exfoliant.


These products are earth friendly and all-natural, vegan, sulfate free or paraben free.


Already tried the freshbykit Rosewater deluxe gentle wipe — it felt refreshing on my skin.  I used it to refresh my neck and even to take off my makeup.  And it did remove my makeup, gently.  My face felt fresh and clean.  I think I may buy a box.  It’s $10.00 (U.S.)

Here are the ingredients listed for this gentle wipe (interestingly on the website under “what are the uses for Fresh Wipes?” it is suggested the wipes can be used to refresh before a romantic encounter!  One wipe does clean the face of makeup beautifully.  My skin feels fresh and toned!):

Water, glycerin, rose flower water, witch hazel distillate, penthenol, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium pca, avena sativa kernal extract, sodium hyaluronate, cucmis sativus extract, chlorphenesin, potassium sorbat, polysorbate 20, disodium edta, citric acid

From their website:

What are the uses for Fresh Wipes?

You can use these freshening wipes:
To feel your most fresh before your bikini wax
To refresh up after the gym or yoga
To remove makeup in a pinch
Clean your hands (or your little one’s face)
Perfect before a doctor’s appointment
Camping trips
To prepare for a romantic encounter

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

The natural toothpaste concoction looks fascinating too.  Oohhh!  That I’ll try next.

Way to go H2BAR!  I look forward to trying out all these “Green Natural” products!












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