MIRROR, MIRROR: Kedsum Makeup Mirror

Dear Lovely Reader,

After researching various reviews and opinions, and reading the warnings about how you don’t want to see your face and skin magnified as you may be in for a shock, I decided to take the plunge and buy one of those “lit” magnifying makeup mirrors to apply my makeup in the mornings when I’m blurry-eyed and in low light.  With a day job getting up at 6 AM to be out of the house by 7 AM, I can’t afford to play around or take chances that my makeup will look on point when there’s not a lot of sunlight to work with.

I bought the Kedsum 6.8″ 10x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Strong Suction Cup, 360 degree rotation, with Daylight Color (Battery Operated).

The choice:  It’s a plastic body.  It’s not heavy to hold, the light is actually quite bright and pleasant, and the 10x takes some getting used to but the results are unbelievably perfect.  I’m able to check that my foundation and concealer is covering and smoothed out in all the right spots, that my eyeliner goes on juuuuust right, and my blush and bronzer are in the right amounts on my face.

This is especially important for the day job.

Me grabbing a cab this morning as there were train delays with no information as to how long the delays would be….I don’t have lipstick on here but the rest of the face is on.  No streaks, no horror show streaks of makeup, everything looks so naturally blended.



Regular price is $19.99 from Amazon but there’s a “lightning deal” to get it for $15.99 today (I have Prime so I didn’t have to pay extra for shipping) and it got to me within 48 hours.  All it needs is 3 AAA batteries.  There is nothing fancy about it – there’s no big long instruction sheet.  You take it out and apply the suction cup to a clean surface like you would with any bathroom piece with a suction cup feature.  I merely hand hold it or have it on my bed and turn it on as I get my makeup done.  The small little button that you click on and off is at the top of the mirror frame.  There is only one light brightness and it’s “daytime” that’s it.  Very simple, I like!

I don’t believe it’s waterproof so don’t put this in your bathtub.  I wouldn’t cover it or smother it or put it within any materials or cloth either, just to be on the safe side.

I had read that it heats up some, but so far I have not had a problem with that.  Then again, I don’t take over an hour to get my makeup done for the day job, just about 20 minutes.

The suction cup is to help secure it to your flat surface in the bathroom, like the medicine cabinet if you do your makeup in the bathroom.  I had been worried about the size but it’s quite right for me and I can see my whole face or a section that I’m working on easily.

Just be prepared for your 10x magnification closeup.  You may or may not like what you see that perhaps you never noticed or saw before with a normal mirror….LOL!

Highly recommend.  Thumbs up!

Photo credit: Amazon





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