Let’s Review: Besame Cosmetics Brown Mascara Cake and Wild Orchid (1952) Lipstick


Dear Lovely Reader,

Besame Cosmetics has a special place in my heart, because of their message, their presentation and application, and the colors are beautiful, whether it’s in the powder, blush, or lipstick.

In this case, I had to wait because Besame had sold out on their black mascara cake over the holidays.  Then I got an announcement email from them that they were restocking, plus they were coming out with a brown version, which I absolutely had to have.

I wanted to try out a fresh Spring is coming look, so I applied the mascara to my lashes with the enclosed brush.  Then I followed the enclosed directions Besame has online as well as in the enclosed little white booklet to apply as an eyeliner.  So cute, it comes in the metal case.  I like that Besame took note of what their customers were saying about the cardboard packaging (which may be sturdy but not always durable when you have to wet the little cake a little bit to get some of the coloring onto the brush…but which is more eco-friendly, actually) and decided to put the cake into the pretty container tin they had featured selling separately on their site and sell it as one piece together.  The brush, which had been featured with only the mascara cake in a box, is also included in the new tin version.

One tip:  one little drop of water will do the trick.  Do not go overboard and soak the tin or wash it in water or splash water on it.  One little tiny drop will do.  And you gently swirl the brush into the droplet of water into the mascara cake and then apply to your lashes.  Very easy!



And now to move on to the latest colour lip release…


Wild Orchid is a color that is a pretty cherry pink red.  It’s the best way to describe it to me.  What I found so interesting about Besame is they research the color that was popular in lipstick in a particular decade or year.  In this case, the year is 1952.  What I found fascinating is that if you check out a Hollywood movie from that time period, in this case, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, you can actually see this very color on their lips throughout the movie.  Jane has a matte version on while Marilyn has more glossier version, but the color is essentially the same.  The movie came out in 1953.  This is the movie that has Marilyn singing the infamous “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” song.

Here’s a couple of pics from the film:


jane and marilyn working it.gif

Cherry pink red.  Red hot.



At first I thought the brush would be too clunky but…the brush perfectly distributes the brown mascara.  I don’t have to worry about clumps because the surface brush is easier to root them out.  My lashes look long and natural.  I lined my eyelids using the e.l.f.  eyeliner brush to finish the look.  Next on my purchase list will be one of Besame’s blushes.


eye closeup:





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