Dollar Tree Haul!

Dear Lovely Reader,

Happy Thursday!

Today was a trip to the Dollar Tree store.  There are two within walking distance of me so I picked one.  I had a YT binge last night watching people’s hauls and got inspired.  So far the ones by me have yet to deliver on what I’ve seen on YT.

For example, the makeup selection is still very slim.  Like, 50 of 1 product in one shade type of selection.



Here is what I picked up:  some lippies from L.A. Colors as well as their liquid eyeliner (they had like 100 of these in just one color).  I also picked up Goody Ouchless ponytail holders, St. Patricks door decoration, a pack of manila clasp envelopes, and a couple of “thinking of you” cards to send out that they had 2 for $1.00.  And, of course, some candy!

Grand total:  $14.15





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