MAGIC BOX: BirchBox February 2017

Dear Lovely Reader,

So excited to share with you what the mailperson brought to my door this morning — and I think this is the best yet I’ve received from Birchbox!

The packaging was a little bigger than usual because I ordered some add-ons to my February shipment.  And I liked the nice touch on my mailing label — I love “Vivacious” – I like it to describe me!


After I opened the green box, there was the red box.


Within the red box is the decorative box.  The box within a box within a box has a Valentine’s inspired design.  The card is also Valentine’s Day inspired:

Beauty Protector – Protect & Detangle (full size $23.50 U.S.)


dr. brandt – Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant (full size $79.00 U.S.)


Obliphica Professional – Seaberry Serum for damaged hair (Fine to Medium)  – full size $38.00 (U.S.)


The Beauty Crop – PBJ Smoothie Stick – Saucy Marsala – full size $14.95 (U.S.)


Wilma Schumann Skin Care – Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads – full size $18.00 (U.S.)


There was also a cute little 10 percent discount card for my next purchase from Birchbox.

The add-ons I got:

Klorane Color Enhancing Leave in Cream with Pomegranate


TokyoMilk Dark – La Vie En Rose Bee balm & Jasmine Lip balm (I’m already falling for this lip balm, smells delicious and appears like a wax in a tin container.  Feels silky on the lips, even a bit tasty. )



Can’t wait to try all the product samples out!



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