Makeup Of The Day: e.l.f. cosmetics

Good morning or evening, depending on what side of planet Earth you are situated in, dear Reader!

Today I decided to do an all e.l.f. look for my museum trip today.  One day a month, the museums in New York City have an open day, meaning free admission.  On this day, I checked out the Frick Collection Museum, which has a free first Friday of the month between the hours of 6 PM and 9 PM, where you will get to sketch (they provide pencils and paper) and sip on cool lemon water and a quick snack while you hear violinists, flutists, and stroll through what is essentially a grand old turn of the century mansion, looking at paintings and other pieces of art.

I love museums because I get to quiet my mind and engage in art and be surrounded by beauty.  Museum viewing re-energizes me and keeps me in touch with my artistic side and I relax.

I highly recommend carving some time out of your life and go check out a couple of museums around your way.  It’s a great change of pace to a harried mind or restless spirit.



Today I used the Flawless Finish foundation, the Maximum Coverage concealer on my t-zone and under my eyes, I used the Perfect Finish HD powder to set my face and the HD Under Eye Setting Powder to set under my eyes.  I used the Makeup Mist & Set.  Then the e.l.f. eye liner in coffee lined my eyelids using an angled eye liner brush, and the powder brush helped to set the HD powder.  Beautifully Bare Blush in Rose Royalty was applied onto cheekbones using the small stipple brush.  The only break from e.l.f. was warming up the face with jelly pong pong’s Caribbean Sun under cheekbones and around the face hairline and jaw.

This is with just the foundation and concealer.  Not bad on the coverage!


To finish the look, I sprayed again with Makeup & Mist.  I then used the e.l.f. exfoliator in Rose for my lips, then after letting it sit for a few minutes, wiped a bit off then applied the Iris Beilin lip palette, using the dark purple one on the right at the very end using the lip applicator that came with it, blotted, then reapplied the lip with the same color.  I had never used a lip brush and this was easy to use.  The lippie smells a bit vanilla-y, and tastes sweet when I licked my lips.  Hmmm!

I decided not to wear eyeshadow.  One more deviation as I realized I don’t have this as an e.l.f. product — mascara was the Push Up Angel Falsies from Maybelline.

How I looked fresh out the door riding the train going to the Frick…


This is my look five and a half hours later….still look fresh.  Foundation and color stayed put for the most part.  However.  There was some shine to my nose, I did not reapply any makeup or powder so the look isn’t totally matte – the e.l.f. foundation does not stop my oil production.

The look was only on from 5 pm to 10:30 PM….kinda dewy but the nose…hmmm.  The lip faded slightly but overall not bad despite drinking iced lemon water and snacking on cheese sticks and an almond/peanut/cashew trail mix the museum served.



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