LET’S REVIEW: Shaaanxo – 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette

Beautiful color selection, practical streamlined packaging design with a magnet close and a mirror supplied for each of the eyeshadow and lipcolor palettes.  Check, check and check!

I have been experimenting with the colors and still can’t believe what an incredible deal this package is.  What a complete beauty package!

For those beauties on a budget — this is the serious one to put in next to your e.l.f. products for a change of pace.  Practical, many options, beautiful color selections, great sleek packaging design, easy to blend, great for those who love to travel or are always on the go.

A great everyday palette.  Highly recommend.

Makeup look of the day last Wednesday – eye look (hooded eyelids – pics to follow of colors used)



end result, after blending it in with a big buff brush.  a much more natural peachy color, slightly silvery top.  Very pretty and light for day time.

another look, much darker:

The grey black on the very bottom right was placed on the eyelid and the golden color in the top middle, was placed on the brow bone.

Here are some of the lippies – they are moist, creamy but don’t have staying power like the matte lipsticks you may be used to.  So you will have to reapply.  But the colors are beautiful, highly pigmented and versatile…lovely!  My lips stayed moisturized and soft, too!



After reading the news online that BH will be carried in store, I am worrying that the quality and price may go sideways.  Here’s to BH staying the course on this new path.

All of this and a mirror.  No applicator though so you will have to supply your own.

Did I mention the palette is $14.50 (U.S.). Right now there’s a 20 percent off sale for the next 48 hours on the BH Cosmetics website.

Yes I highly recommend this palette!  That’s why I’m featuring it as the Giftee 50 Follower Giveaway on my blog (and whose winner I will announce on my blog after the random draw on January 31, 2017!)  I’m so excited!

Good luck and Happy Beauty!





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