Dollar Tree Haul!

Kinda went all out in the Dollar Tree store and along with my cousin we, um, ended up buying a LOT of candy….mind you, the only candy that’s mine is the Circus Peanuts.


I also got some cool holiday decorations for Valentines Day and Easter (not pictured).  Yes, I’m already wanting Spring to come!

The Dollar Tree store I went to is in Harlem, NYC.  And the makeup selection was very slim to none.  I see YT videos of other cities/states having Dollar Tree stores that have a TON of makeup and choices, but so far it’s been slow having the Dollar Trees in Manhattan to get it together with the makeup sections, they are practically non-existent.

I found Wet N Wild Under the Sheets Makeup Remover sheets, 2 sets of barrettes, two mini plastic organizer containers to put my miscellaneous makeup in that can’t be categorized such as mini samples of perfume, hair mask packets, etc. and a pill organizer for my aunt’s meds.

I also got a big box of tissues for her and some starter seed kits for my container garden prep (not pictured).  All of it for $20.00 (U.S.)







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