This Adore Box is not to be confused with the lingerie subscription site Adore Me.

This site is a part of the CrateJoy family – which is a subscription warehouse that has several beauty and lifestyle and hobby subscriptions to peruse and try out.

Adore Box has services where you go by month, quarter, or year.  They have a lifestyle box and a beauty box.  The prices range accordingly.

From the website:


With a monthly beauty & lifestyle box subscription, you will receive a box of 4-10 carefully hand selected items. These items may include: Makeup, Hair Care, Skin Care, Jewelry, Edibles (We are talking chocolate here…), Accessories, and/or Housewares. These items may be sample, full size or a combination of both.

We ship all boxes ship by the 25th!



They also do have something that is like a mystery grab bag.  It doesn’t appear to be a subscription.  You pay anywhere from $5.00 to $10.00 for it and don’t know what you’re gonna get.  The title of the mystery bags are “Luxury Products” and “Beauty & Lifestyle”.  I got one of each, $10.00 each which came out to $20.00.  The description on the website reads you will get a combination of sample and a full size.

It came in an unassuming US post office packaging.



This is what I got:


Out of the batch, I found one thing that appeared used, which was the Florida Water scented lotion.  There was product semi-dried and goopy around the lid.  No seal.  Everything else had a seal intact, or appeared clean and did not appear used.


The notebook was a nice touch, but not exactly luxurious.  I truly love journals and planners, and this is listed as $2.99 on the site but probably can be found for a lot less.


Of the two mystery bags, this is what I was particularly drawn to:







Still trying to figure out what was “Luxury”, perhaps the Urban Decay and Juice Beauty.

I wish there were lippies and blush in here as well representing the Beauty side but there were none.

Overall, I like not knowing what I’m going to get, but I do also like having a say and some control in what I will ultimately be getting.

Have you tried the Adore Box as a subscription?






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