MAGIC BOX: SO CHOIX…and a ramble

I discovered this beauty sample subscription through a YT’er by the name of Zabrena, a fellow redhead who gives some really good beauty breakdowns on her channel.

I went to the So Choix website as she had recommended it, and had explained it was a way to try out high end products for $15.00 a month, and that YOU choose them, about how you can get one use samples of your choice and pay for it, without having to go through a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo in order to do so.   That sounded refreshing.

So I went through the site, picked out four one time use samples (which So Choix explains in detail on their About Us site) of stuff that I was intrigued about but wasn’t sure on buying full size on, clicked to the checkout cart and paid and off it went.  I wanted to try them out BEFORE getting a subscription, which to me was even more refreshing and a bigger reason to check them out.  So Choix will point out that YOU pick your samples, it’s not random which is nice if you want more control over what you would like to try out.  The minimum purchase is 3 samples but the maximum is unlimited, you buy as much as you want, “sky’s the limit” on what you want to pay.

If you are on a budget and want to know what the high end makeup is all about before spending your hard earned cash, this sounds good.

I got the little box but not before getting an email alert from the company stating it was no longer doing samples to be sold except to those who are members, a “Members Only Experience” meaning only those with one of two active subscriptions they have, the Petit ($50.00 US a year) and the Elite (currently $120.00 US a year but may change come January 2017).  These one use samples are taken from the actual product, split up into smaller samples, to then charge $3.00 to $5.00 a piece for extra samples for members.

Now, the website assures that they handle the original size product they get in a clean sanitary way, but I’m not sure if the product is melted down a bit (like lipstick) in order to be put into the little coin sized containers they use.  Does further heat or handling change the chemistry or quality just a bit?  I dunno.

Here’s what it looked like when it arrived:




Box within the packaging that bore the SoChoix name.  A foundation sample card is on the left.


Open the lid of the box and within it lists the products I ordered to try out.




The dark red is a lip, Smashbox’s Audacious Rita, and the three below that are from left to right are Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, benefit Hoola Bronzer Powder and Boing Boing Concealer.  There’s also a little brush.

I have so far jumped through a lot of hoops (giving access to basically all my media accounts, answering dozens of questionnaires and giving brand assessments and critiques on various products) on several beauty subscription places, some more guilty of the constant quizzing of me and my buying habits than others.

What if I just simply wanted to try out the product please and thank you?

I liked So Choix original deal and while I understand they want to encourage people to buy subscriptions, I am unsure about their process.  They buy the product, then split it up into smaller pieces and re-sell under the banner of “samples”.  This is whether it’s concealer, foundation or a tube of lipstick.  Other companies just get the sample size itself created by the company and cut out the labor in splitting products up into smaller bits.

Is this right to sell?  Or have we opened the door to getting something “Free” that we unwittingly are willing to pay for anyway?

There are companies that have you take pictures (with their app of course) and sign up your FB, Insta, Snap and Twitter to, have you fill out countless surveys, reblog their photos and click “Like” or “Love” or “Want” on and make lists and do things and this can go on for weeks and months and you receive NOTHING.  You give them all this information about your likes and dislikes, you give reviews, and NOTHING.  You snap pictures, willing to exchange any information for the POSSIBILITY of getting a “FREE” box, but it’s not really free, honey.  You are giving away your information without getting paid for it.  Being strung along on a faint idea.  And you are feeling you have to give positive reviews in hopes that you don’t insult anybody and lose out on potential goodies — goodies you don’t ever get.  And if you do get something, it’s not what someone else got, because you filled your profile “a certain way”.  But they never say what you can do to get exactly what jane or joe doe got.  I see this at subscription sites over and over and over again.  People going “Would love to get a box,” or “Can’t wait to get that box” or “Haven’t gotten a box yet, hoping I will soon”.

You KNOW which companies I’m talking about.

It’s times dealing with these overly questioning companies that I yearn for the simple oldie days where you just reached out to companies direct and asked for a damned sample and they sent it free, with a coupon.  There was no payment involved.  Just a hope that the company sample would draw you in and buy.  There was no “what do you do on a Tuesday at 11 AM versus 11:00 PM” — not everybody leads a “glam” life of rushing to beauty shoots.  Even if they are an actress.

Because I am new to the glam world, especially beauty blogging, what did I know about going through all this prior?  None.



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