LET’S REVIEW: M.A.C. x Selena lipsticks


FINALLY!  My order direct from M.A.C.

Got a fairly large box — it was completely black on the outside, with no big announcement as to what it was, which was OK, but it would have been nice if the box was purple.  The black could be seen as sleek and non-assuming, though.

I opened it and there was a lot of black paper – here the flash makes it look like a steel grey.


Beyond the paper filler, there was an interesting star covered shopping gift bag with gold rope handles. The MAC banner was imprinted on the bag.  Within was some more filler with the lipsticks!  It was like loving care to wrap and package with pride these historic and beautiful lipsticks.


These are the three lipsticks in the Selena line, named after three of her song hits, and immediately, I was drawn to the scent.  Powerful but lovely vanilla scent.  Creamy, beautiful colors!  They all have different finishes though – Amplified, Glaze and Matte (see at the end of this post).


The lipsticks come in a purple colored bullet shape container, which I know was not intentional, but I couldn’t help but think how unfortunate.   I know M.A.C. tends to favor this shape for their own line but….Maybe M.A.C. or the Selena estate didn’t realize the bullet shape?


It’s just a sad little reminder.  Or maybe this was a way to own it, take it back and own it, and that with the same symbol of what killed her is to also celebrate her life and musical success, that she is not forgotten, and to also have her fans show they still think of her and love her.

I don’t know.  It is just bittersweet.  Yet I will treasure these lipsticks.

FINAL FINAL amor prohibido.jpg




Amor Prohibido – light on my lips.  A girly nude pink.  A great everyday no makeup makeup look.


Como La Flor – WOW orange red for a special night out. Very classic glam.


Dreaming of You – a wine berry color that can be worn for work or a night out.

Dreaming of you - outside light.jpg


Full Description

Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips. Three hues, three textures. The iconic product that made M∙A∙C famous. Specially packaged in purple featuring Selena’s signature in lavender.

3 g / 0.1 oz

  • Amplified: cream finish (Como La Flor)
  • Glaze: shiny finish (Amor Prohibido)
  • Matte: matte finish (Dreaming of You)









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  1. […] Selena x M.A.C. – lipsticks $18.00 – Limited edition.  Just checked the M.A.C. website and the line will “go away forever” January 31.  Nooooo!  The lipsticks are creamy, very pigmented, and gorgeous.  They’ve sold out 3x before on M.A.C. as a limited run.  I only finally got mine two weeks ago.  Get them before they’re gone.  My post on the lipsticks is here. […]


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