TAGGED you’re it! – 30 Beauty Questions

Yay! More beauty questions!  This I found via the lovely beautifulgirlies

Q&A tag time!

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?

It was a clear lipgloss that smelled and tasted of grape.  I treasured it and cried when it broke.  Sixth grade.  Ah.  Memories.

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that’s fits your specifications?

I only started wearing mascara recently but I do think benefit’s They’re Real gives me such outrageously thick eyelashes that they look fake.  When I’m feeling particularly glamourous, that’s the one I go to.  Otherwise, an every day wear, I go for Makeup Forever’s Smokey Extravagant (does a modest office wear look) or, more recently, Maybelline’s Angel Falsies.  I dream for the day they come out commonly with auburn or brown colors, but alas, it’s either black, ultra black or super black.  It’s never anything into auburn or brown.

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from a foundation? 

I expect a foundation to complement and blend well into my skin, cover flaws or distractions or to even the skin tone and not add further greasiness or oil to my face to clog up my skin.  At least medium coverage for the freckles on my nose! And if it could last at least 10 hours without a touchup that would be great.

4. Favourite high end brand?

I like Besame Cosmetics.  The whole concept, the lip colors, the brushes, so luxurious and reminds me why it’s fun and mysteriously glorious to be a woman. It reminds me to slow down, enjoy the ritual, which is not always the case in modern day society.  Shisheido is an old fave and Tarte is becoming a new one.

5. What cosmetics brands have you always wanted to try but still haven’t?

I would say Kat von D, although I’ve tried her lipstick and perfume, but not her makeup.

6. Favourite drugstore brand?

Maybelline, L’Oreal, NYX.  e.l.f. cosmetics  The “drugstore” brands are bringing it!

7. Do you wear fake eyelashes?


8. Is there any kind of makeup you can’t leave the house without? 

Lipstick.  My mom drummed that into me.  Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and put some COLOR on your face but don’t overdo it!  Of course, my lipstick of choice is a cherry or deep blue red.  I own and have spent a LOT of money on finding that perfect red….

9. What is your most cherished beauty product?

Besides lipstick?  Cetaphil skin cleanser.  And Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen in SPF 70.

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up a item here and there or get loads of goodies at once? 

Since starting the blog a few months back, I find myself looking at makeup more.  I’m willing to try out things more, I have a reason, an excuse to update.  I would love to get tons of goodies at once, but I’m on a limited budget.  I find that if I can get one or two products, that makes my day.  I also tend to buy from drugstore or indie companies so when I do spend $20.00, I get more bang for my buck — and it’s always exciting to find and read about new “mom and pop” or “up and coming” companies that are not charging a mini-fortune — and their stuff is GOOD.  I get a buzz out of finding these little gems and relaying the good word on my blog about them.

11. Do you have a ‘beauty budget’ or do you spend freely? 

BUDGET.  $20-30 US a month.  And I try try try to wait for sales too!  I try to stay close to that (although a couple of times I went over and yep, I gasped).  OUCH

12. Do you utilise coupons, reward cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics? 

I just got my first reward coupon from one company, and I was shook (in shock).  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I shop for sales more often than not.  Amazon is my friend as well.

13. What type of product do you buy most of?

I said it before.  Lippies/lipsticks.

14. Is there a brand that you absolutely can’t stand?

Absolutely can’t stand?  Not yet.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens and sulfates? 

I’ve become more aware to look at products that lessen or eliminate this stuff.  But I have not removed it all completely.  There’s a reason these ingredients exist.

16. Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup?

SEPHORA.  If I had money to burn I’d be in there browsing all day.  But I buy one or two items and it’s $50.00 US my GAWD.

AMAZON is my friend.  I also tend to check out YT’ers and if there’s something of interest, I’ll go research online to find the best price from a reliable source.

e.l.f. and Colourpop are ones I find myself returning to.

17. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine? 

I keep my skincare simple and switch it up when my skin is changing due to weather or lack of sleep.  Cetaphil with a cotton pad, e.l.f. cleansing cloths to take off the makeup, and Queen Helene mud clay masks to draw out impurities if my skin looks sallow or just not glowy.  Biore Warming Blackhead Cleanser for my nose or a Biore nose strip every now and then (in the summertime).   I just got LUSH Mask of Magnanimity (minty mud mask) around Christmas and found it very interesting and refreshing.  So yes, there may be room in my life for trying out new products.

18. Favourite bath and body brand?

Tough call.  Recently I’m getting into pretty scented soaps.

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose? 

Tough call.  Sheesh.  High end?  Benefit or Besame.  Low End?  Maybelline or e.l.f.

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging? 

for cute factor?  benefit and toofaced.  for sleek simplicity and remembering to include a mirror, e.l.f.

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup?

Most celebrities have a genuine makeup artist on hand so….no.  They all look good, that’s their job.

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

Have been poking around.  Not sure where to go but it’s fun learning as I go along.

23. 5 Favourite Beauty Gurus? 

I check out the YT popular ones like stillglamourous aka kelsey, lauralee, emilynoel, zabrena, stephanie nicole.

24. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains? 

benetint is a fun idea.  It helps to have multifunctional products that get me done faster as it makes my beauty routine easier, especially when I’m traveling.  Makeup sticks — I like NARS the Multiple.  It may be a bit pricey but it lasts and lasts.

25. Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? 

Yes.  I’m getting better with repetition and allowing myself to relax and not rush.  Having the blog and allowing myself mistakes helps me to find out whether a product works or not for me.

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes? 

At first I didn’t.  Then I found e.l.f. Shadowlock Eyelid Primer — and it was a $1.00 and worked WOW.  I did try the Urban Decay version after hearing buzz about it but that stuff is like cement – better get it and eyeshadow blending in place because once this primer sets that’s it.  Can’t blend with that on, but I’m always on the lookout to try others!  Primer does indeed help the eyeshadow/color last longer for me.

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

Shampoo and conditioner is NEON by Paul Mitchell for the past month and CHI Iron spray (to protect from heat) to curl and CHI hairspray to set my hair.

28. What do you apply first foundation or concealer? 

On a day when I’m using both, foundation first after I moisturize and prime.

29. Do you ever consider taking makeup classes? 

Sephora sometimes has these classes but I have yet to go to one.  It would be fun.

30. What do you love about makeup? 

When someone tells you that you look great, and you can tell they mean it.  Makeup hides a sleepless night or perks you up when you feel a little down.  Some say it’s like an armour to face the world, and to a degree it’s also a mask.  It’s also much fun to talk about and share experiences with others!

That’s it!  Whew!  Intense!  OK pencils down.

TAG you’re it!


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