WooHOO! Latest giveaway date fast approaching….are you in??



2017 is going to be shiny and bright and beautiful!

To get 2017 on to a beautiful start, I’m announcing my new Giftee Followers Giveaway for one lucky follower.

And what is the prize in question?

The Shaaanxo/BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow/Lipstick Palette!


You get 9 Eyeshadows on one side and 9 Lipcolor shades on the other — in ONE packaging, and they are not put altogether on the same side so things blend or powder into each other.  That’s sweet!  AND includes a mirror on each side, which is nice!


img_20161128_133650EYE COLORS:


My initial reaction to this palette:  The colors are pretty and fine for day into evening looks.  The packaging is very compact, sturdy, sleek and portable.  I wouldn’t mind traveling with this and it gives versatile looks.

I have been playing around with the palette myself (upcoming review post!) and just thought to get another as…

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