Mini-Haul from Target


Picked up some products from wet n wild, L’Oreal, and Rimmel.

What was delightful about these picks is the wet n wild all sparkly!  The Color Icon Glitter Singles series.  It already has an oil mixed in (mineral oil being one of them) so that a glitter primer is most likely not needed for this to stick to one’s eyelid.  And only 99 cents each (U.S.)  Joyous!

Next is L’Oreal – the Infallible line expands to eyeliners.  One version called Silkissime the other Matte-Matic.  The Matte-Matic is in dark brown.  BROWN.  I am amazed, because it’s so rare to come across something other than black or ultra black or some bold color.  The Silkissime comes in a beautiful cobalt blue which I was fine in trying out.

Last but certainly not least, I had heard about this via YTers using this as a eye brightener by applying to the lower water line of the eyelid.  This is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Bright Nude.

Bought the wet n wild Color Icon Glitter Singles in Brass, Spiked & Bleached.  Initially, I thought, what if this is loose like it is in the LA Color version you get from the Dollar Tree store?

I read the ingredients – and it turns out that the glitter is mixed or suspended within an oil like environment (first ingredient mineral oil).  I wondered, will it be too greasy, too liquidy or too balm-like that it’ll go on uber thick?

The texture is surprisingly creamy and spreads easily.  I used a clean finger to sweep it across the eyelid.  The color and shine is immediate, and feels smooth.  This is color that once you apply, it stays put.  You may want to plan where exactly you want it on your lid.  It easily packs on.  It’s beautiful, perfect for a pop of shiny for a nightlook or party night. This can be applied easily with a eyeshadow brush as well as a finger.  I would dedicate a brush for this glitter, as it IS glitter.





img_20170108_134054BLEACHED:img_20170108_155905The glitter felt light and not sticky or gravel-like and I could see how one could forget it was there on the lid and accidentally rub an eyelid not thinking about the glitter.  It will come off then.  So you must be mindful not to touch your face, especially around the eyes.

Now we come to the end of the evening.  The issue is taking it off.  It comes off easily with a makeup cloth, sure, but you MUST be careful HOW you take it off and keep your eyelids CLOSED.  While it goes on smooth, you must realize this is glitter, and the goal is to not get any in the eye or irritate the lid skin or eyelash trying to get the glitter bits off.  Do not rub your eye or eyelid, get as much of it off as you can, then give it a minute to rest, then assess and gently remove any lingering glitter.  And no matter how much you get, there will be lingering traces.  Sorry.  Must make peace with that, so be careful, don’t rub or pick at your skin, this is a sensitive eye area.  Close your eyes, (don’t squeeze them shut) and gently wipe down, away from the corners of your eye and only until you are sure the glitter is away from going into your eye.  Don’t rub back and forth opening your eyelids in mid wipe.

It took me about four moisturizing cloths to get most of the glitter off but there are some strays.  But they are not in my eye, and that’s all that matters to me.  If I see any in my lash, I gently remove, keeping my eyes closed.  This is process and a gentle one and I take my time doing this because I value keeping my eyes and not scratching or irritating them.

In the eye look below, I used Brass on one eyelid and Spiked on the other and also utilized e.l.f. Mad for Matte II for eyeshadow on both along with Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara in Brownish Black (!).  Yep not ultra black or super black or blackest black but BROWNISH BLACK.  Maybelline, darling.  We need a true brown, and we need another on the auburn side please.  The mascara version I used is the waterproof version.  I did not use eyelid primer in order to show the application of the wet n wild Color Icon Singles glittery yet creamy smooth application power.

Description from the website (on the website they have more beautiful colors and I want them ALL — 99 cents YESSSS!):

“Intensify your look with these glitter cream eyeshadows! Each single is loaded with big, bold glitters that won’t crease. The cream base is infused with aloe and coconut oil that moisturizes skin, never overdries, blends well, applies smoothly, and stays put for hours with. Wear them alone or mix-and-match to instantly transform your look from ordinary to rockin’. “

First impression on Colossal Big Shot – I was kind of meh.  Why?  Because I was expecting to be “shook” like our YT examples on the Maybelline page and have my lashes go va-VOOM.  The only brand so far to surprise and take me to another place so far is benefit’s They’re Real.  Maybelline comes with decent mascara but so far nothing for me to go I’m SHOOK about.  I will apply a second coat and see what happens.

Second coat:  a bit better but there’s some clumping.

Forgive my eyebrows below, I am overdue for a waxing.

On this eye, I have SPIKED (silver)

eye close up with photo credit to me.jpg

On this eye, I have BRASS (golden copper) which I also put a little bit under the eye for an even more festive eye look


I will do a part two on the L’Oreal Infallible eye liners and the Rimmel Bright Nude eyeliner in another post.  I may re-do the experiment with Colossal Big Shot also in a later post as I bought this separately from the Target haul above.




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