LET’S REVIEW: L’Oreal Infallible Total Coverage Foundation

Woohoo!  Decided to go for the L’Oreal Infallible Mighty Trifecta by getting the Total Coverage foundation.

In the L’Oreal Infallible series, there is the Pro-Matte, Pro-Glow, and now, Total Coverage.

The Total Coverage has been getting quite a bit of buzz recently on YT, and as soon as I heard, I trucked it over to Amazon where I found it easily.  Considering that I kept viewing video posts stating this “was hard to find” or only so far at a store chain called “Bed Bath & Beyond”  — Amazon had it in stock, all the colors/tones, and no problem.  I even got it via Prime, which removes the shipping fee and ships faster.  It’s $10.99 U.S. on Amazon and $12.99 U.S. on the L’Oreal site.  Whoopee!

UPDATE: as of January 4, this is “temporarily OUT OF STOCK” on a couple of the shades/tones on Amazon!  Check to see if your color/tone is in stock!  GULP!

Below is a comparison between the packaging of the rather flat wide version of the packaging used for Pro-Matte/Glow versus the thinner rounder Total Coverage:



Also note the long thin applicator nib that’s different in the Total Coverage version compared to the one that was for Pro Matte/Glow:


Because of my prior experience with Pro-Matte and Pro-Glow (102 and 202 respectively) , I decided to keep it in the ’02, as in #302 with Total Coverage.

I started with the usual clean face (cotton pad with Cetaphil) and applied the usual moisturizer (philosophy’s Hope In A Jar).  I then spritzed my face using the Smashbox Liquid Primer and waited for it to air dry.

The container itself is slightly different, more rounded, and it has a thin applicator nib that, when you squeeze the tube, a thin ribbon of foundation comes out, in a kind of thick mousse texture.  I applied it onto the back of my hand and used the sponge to pick up and apply to my T-Zone and cheeks, then blended.  I realized I had to move quickly as this is not as wet and sticky as the prior two, and it sets pretty fast.

Colorcheck comparison of the Total Cover (top) and Pro Matte (bottom).  The Total Cover is thicker and doesn’t spread as easy if it’s applied thinly – it sets fast!

But it felt light on the skin, and application was easy and smooth.  There’s no wait in drying, it’s pretty fast.  Once done, I applied Tarte Tape Concealer under the eyes, blended and spritzed my face with NYX Setting Spray.  The Total Coverage foundation did not move.

Then I checked my nose, which tends to be my final judge and jury on whether this “total coverage” truly covers but without the chalky flat look that I can get using a matte powder.  My nose and the sides of my nostrils looked clean and smooth.  And NO freckles showing through.  OK.

I applied my jelly pong pong Caribbean Sun bronzer to warm up under my cheekbones and around my face and down the center of my nose and around my hair line above my forehead and jawline.  For blush, I applied Colourpop’s Get Leid.  I spritzed NYX Matte Setting Spray again.

Then I gave it the 10 hour test.

One thing.

This gives bounceback when you photo at night.

That kind of surprised me.

This was my look in natural light going about my day, having a bite at my burger place.  Looks OK.


And this was me at the end of a 10 hour wear – look at that bounceback.


This is without retouching, without refreshing the makeup.  You can see it starting to breakdown on my nose too.  My freckles!

While this product felt light and not greasy or sticky on the skin, and not chalky, it comes across as such in the flashback photo.

The smell is different too — for some reason the immediate scent impression is that of alcohol.  It’s not overpowering but strong enough to catch my attention as I worked the product around my nostrils.  Interesting.

Do I believe this lasts 24 hours?  Not with what was happening to my nose.  I figure another four hours and it would have been something out of a horror show.  Touchups are definitely needed – at least for me.

Just a side note:  my skin has an oily T-Zone and dry cheekbones.  I wouldn’t say this is full coverage.  More medium.

A recommendation that came across for those who are dealing with the fast dryness of this — some add a drop of oil to the foundation right before they apply.  Make sure your face is clean, clear and it may help to exfoliate if you have ultra dry skin — don’t forget to MOISTURIZE before applying and blend this quick.

I will use again – it looks great in natural light.  And it didn’t oxidize, another plus.

For night and picture flash, it’ll need some kind of a touchup.


CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499/IRON OXIDES] F.I.L. #B187496/1



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