MAC Cosmetics just opened their re-release of SELENA makeup

and it’s GOING FAST!

I just ordered the lipsticks — and already saw several other products in the line already GONE.

And, like the TooFaced Peach palette re-release, there was a virtual line.  Luckily, I only had to wait two minutes, because the irony of standing in a virtual line while online — when the point is to shop online to avoid “standing in line waiting” is RESOUNDING.

Thankfully I got ahold on the lipsticks, that’s all I really wanted anyway.  I was tempted to get the dual compact, but I decided to pass.  The brush and gloss were already gone.  The site says it was allowing 2 SKU’s max – I guess of each product.

Keeping fingers crossed on these lippies that I was scolding myself for not buying the first time when I had the chance!

Now off to bed — the release happened around midnight and MAC says once it’s gone it’s gone.  I got this for Selena.  You don’t see too many Hispanic women getting a line named after them — with a major brand like MAC — that sells out TWICE.  MAC execs must’ve dropped their jaws at this one.  Whoever got these two parties together, bravo.  I hope the makeup, fashion and finance world are taking notice and learning to no longer overlook or ignore.  There IS an audience — and a spending audience at that.

This is really a big deal in particular.  Sheesh!

I’m a happy girl!  Will review here when I get them in!





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