LET’S REVIEW: e.l.f. Cosmetics – New Lip Exfoliators!

e.l.f. has introduced several new products into their line.  The latest is two new lip exfoliators!


The new additions are:  rose (pale pink) and coconut.  There is a third I did not buy called Pink Grapefruit.  They are exclusive to their website.

Priced at $3.00 (U.S.)

Both smell and taste JUST like their namesakes and the rose one is more interesting because it feels like you’re even tasting rose petals!

Both have the sugar crystal roughness that the previous lip exfoliators have (my fave is the Brown Sugar) but are also less rough than the brown sugar.  The crystals seem a bit smaller, less clumpier, but still there.

As the weather is getting colder and dryer, my skin and lips and hair feel the effects and the elements take their toll.  These work wonderfully to smooth and condition my lips.

I also noticed that these new exfoliators are in a new container and appear smaller than my Brown Sugar (0.16 oz) counterpart.   The new ones have that see through bottom.  The original packaging did not.

See the photos below:


Original Brown Sugar packaging on the left and the newer coconut and rose with the see through bottom (and smaller packaging) on the right.






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