SWATCH WATCH: Colourpop Ultra Matte “Weekness” Series



Colourpop recently had a promotion where if you buy a certain amount you could pick a free lippie based on the day of the week, hence the line called “Days of Weekness“.  I picked Wednesday and Thursday.  Wednesday has a symbol of the camel for “Hump Day”, and Thursday has the martini symbol.  Well, Thursday is happy hour because it’s the day before the happy weekend! (Come on, who is really working on Friday? You’re counting down, really, maybe if you get in an hour or two in of actual work to justify to the boss otherwise your mind is already out the door. teehee!)


Colourpop, as usual, did not let me down on the rich color/pigmentation.  It’s ultra matte, so it will stay put a while longer than a regular gloss or cream one.

I sadly did not spend over a certain amount to get the whole week, but I was happy with my choices on the amount I did buy!  I made a subsequent order to get the lippie “Saturday” which I have yet to receive.  Regarding Friday, it’s a “true black” according to the website.  Black Friday – get it??  Shopping day great discounts!

Colourpop now has a miniature-set called “Moments of Weekness” that encapsulate the line.

I’m gonna try swatching what I have today so here goes:



Top color:  Wednesday

Bottom color:  Thursday




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