Got my first Ipsy today. This is my update for this prior post. Wasn’t really expecting it until after the New Year.

The one I ordered was the Editor’s one, and it came in a really bright bag:


What could be inside?




The goodies:


When I took out the products, there was a feeling that something had oozed.  I checked and it looks like the OUAI may have had a little seep out.  It was a little sticky.

Benefit’s The POREfessional sample.  Normally $31.00 for the .075 fl oz size (22.0 mL)

M Princess Mineral Eyeshadow in Melting Maple.  On Ipsy’s site the claim is it’s highly pigmented.  I checked M Princess website and found it’s $15.00 (U.S.).  The size IPSY has included is .04 oz.  Not sure if this is the same size or bigger it’s a little difficult to maneuver M’s site.  Oh, and the M stands for Mineral.

OUAI Wave Spray normally sells for $26.00 (U.S.) in a 5.8 oz (150 ml).

Cake’s Heavy Cream Intensive Repair (which came with a broken plastic top that doesn’t close but the seal inside was intact. Maybe it was a factory thing.)  Because it won’t close, I fear the product inside will dry out.  Normally $22.00 (U.S.) for a 3.4 fl. oz bottle. (100 ml).

Tartetist glossy lip paint in WCW – a very pretty looking berry that came looking like its contents got shifted quite a bit or was sitting on one side for a long while.  A part of the plastic container was clear, empty. Normally $20.00 (U.S.) for 0.20 fl oz (net 6 mL)

The bag is cute – a fuzzy like texture.  The card included with it explains the fun theme for this particular bag of goodies.  In this case, Carpe PM.  Have fun, seize the moment, seize the night, look good and party!




I note that the OFRA Cosmetics Bliss Eyeshadow/Highlighter and the The Balm’s Madlash Mascara that is featured for the December glam bag was not included but that may explain why the M Princess and Cake Heavy Cream Intensive lotion was.  Overall, the presentation was cute but I’m a little disappointed with the seeping and broken plastic top.  Whether you pay $10 or $100, the product should be on point and sterile, not sloppy.

Will I give this another chance?  Honestly, I tend to give people and a company a second chance.  So…IPSY will get a second chance to come through.  Will update on the next one.





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