LET’S REVIEW: Colourpop Haul! & NKLA

Ohhhhhh myyyyyy the lipstick obsession with Colourpop grows…

Colourpop had a sale recently on their site where they discounted some of their lippies and I just HAD to go get some.

I’ve previously posted about my initial feelings on Colourpop’s Liquid Matte and Shiny lines, (put “Colourpop” in the search engine on this site and you’ll see) so you can check out the colors and pics below.

SWATCHES (yes, that’s my arm and it’s THAT pale):

Ultra Matte – OUIJA (orange side) and MARS (darker pink)


I realize the above swatch it looked still wet so:


Ultra Glossy – TAROT.  I was most intrigued by this one since I don’t have a bright orange in my collection but, hey, on the lips, pretty!




Ultra Satin – BARRACUDA (left) and LOST (on right)


Colourpop x NKLA collaboration produced a very small line, it’s two eye shadows in their Shadows & Pigments section, one for dog lovers called Puppy Love, and one for cat lovers called Cat Nap.  All proceeds from these two eye shadows will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society and their NKLA (No Kill Los Angeles) effort to Save Them All (they’re encouraging to use the hashtag #SaveThemAll). They are priced at $5.00 (U.S.) each.

Colourpop provides links to the two animal friendly organizations.  I’ll include them here as well:

I was sold the minute I read about what NKLA is all about.  They’re hoping to spread this thought across the U.S. country about having all shelters No Kill.

These are noted as eyeshadows but they are so light glowy and sparkly they could just as easily be highlighters.  The Puppy Love has a harder texture to it, not as creamy while the Cat Nap is very soft and creamy to the touch.  Wonder if that was intentional.  Hmmm.  Here we go:

Puppy Love



Cat Nap



The Puppy Love and Cat Nap are definitely holiday wear.  Since I love both, I’ll be applying both to lid together!  You can see below how sparkly they are! That’s Puppy Love on the lid.  Looks almost liquid-like.


Below I have Puppy Love on lower lid and outer corner and Cat Nap on upper lid, then blended!

It’s just all magical sparkly!  It’s like having champagne colours on your lids.

Definitely New Year’s Eve Party material.

And it’s for a great cause.







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