Makeup Of The Day – Feelin’ Peachy

I had noticed the buzz on Twitter about Too Faced’s Sweet Peach release and seeing all these tweets of people “standing in a virtual line” to buy their product (as if they are standing in line in a department store or supermarket — but wasn’t that the point of buying online, to avoid the standing in lines in the brick and mortar stores?) and was inspired to do my own version of the peachy look to celebrate.


After the usual prep of cleaning and moisturizing, I decided to try out the Smashbox Liquid Spray Primer.  This smells nice, actually, has a light pleasant scent.  After priming my face, I had to let this dry which takes a minute or two.  While it dried, I organized the rest of my peachy inspiration.  I chose Colourpop’s Peachy Keen collection for my eyelook.




I primed my eyes per usual, then using the “C” brush from e.l.f., I packed Crimper on the lower lid, put Cornelious in the crease and Kennedy in the upper lid and blended.





Lined my upper lid with e.l.f. cream eyeliner in Coffee, putting a little into my lashes to darken them.

For foundation I used Maybelline It Fits! Matte Foundation #115 using regular wedges from Up & Up.


Tried out the concealer that’s considered a Ride or Die item in a lot of vlogger posts, the Tarte Tape Concealer.  Because I wasn’t sure which would go well with my peaches and cream skin tone, I got FAIR NEUTRAL and LIGHT NEUTRAL.  I used the Light Neutral as I could barely see a difference between the two.  Once I put it on my face I saw the difference.  The Light Neutral was orange-y (the one above on the left).  I kind of gasped how orange-y dark it was, but it was already on my face so I would have to make it work.



I blended the heck out of it and I also lightened it up by placing Besame’s Violet brightening powder to set then used an oversized brush to flick away the excess powder.  This helped a lot so I breathed a sigh of relief.  I added the e.l.f. Mellow Mauve blush for the cheeks, blending in a little of the Kennedy eye shadow into the blush on my cheeks.  jelly pong pong’s Carribbean Sun was dusted around my face, contouring under my cheeks and chin and forehead for warmth.  I finished with a quick spritz of the NYX Matte Setting Spray.  I primed my lips with the usual NYX lip primer and used Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip in Speed Dial, described on their website as a “Rich Peach”.


And here’s the finished look below!  Today was decorating the tree, while listening to holiday music and drinking hot chocolate in a big mug.  It’s a tradition of mine.  Makes me happy and gets me into the holiday mood! #joytothegirl










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