LET’S REVIEW: Fun Candy Makeup!

While at ITSUGAR (the place I call the Anti-Dylan’s Candy place in that it majors in nostalgic retro candy like Charms, Sugar Daddy’s, Wax Candy, huge Gummies, etc.), I came across these cute numbers.  A Krispy Kreme Strawberry Iced Donut Flavored Lip Gloss and Coca-Cola Lip Smackers.  As the weather gets dryer and colder, I’m always on the lookout for lip protection and moisturizers.





The Krispy Kreme is shaped like their infamous top glazed Strawberry Iced donut, and has a snap opening/closer.  When you open, there’s no mirror inside, just the circle of product.  This is supposed to be strawberry — at least I assumed either a scent or taste.  I got neither.  There is a slight sweetness but I can’t tell that it’s strawberry.  Smells slightly donut-y.  It’s not overly perfume-y.  I applied some of the gloss to my lips with my finger and had to apply a few times. It did soften my lips.

This is cute as far as the packaging.  Stocking stuffer, very cute.  Price was $3.99 (U.S.). You’re paying for the donut brand, not necessarily for the product which is meh.

Back of packaging for ingredients:


The next package was from LipSmackers — they created with Coca-Cola their soda products in lip gloss form.  In the 5 pack Coca Cola Liquid LipSmacker, you find regular Coca Cola, Sprite, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke and Barq’s Root Beer.


After the donut, I wasn’t expecting anything.

What a refreshing surprise!

ALL of them smell like the soda product they’re named after.  They even captured the Coca Cola scent!   The Barq’s Root Beer, the Vanilla Coke, the Cherry Coke — ALL of them smelled exact!  The taste is soda-y.  Can almost taste the bubbles!  So cool!  Decent applicator nibs on all.  Hard plastic packaging, nostalgic of the old lip glosses in glass containers.  They’re small, but easy to throw one into your purse or travel case.  Very cute!

This was pricier at $12.00.  But you are getting 5 flavors that actually smell and taste like their soda counterparts.

This particular product notes that it’s Made In The USA.




Here’s the packaging that shows the Lip Smacker ingredients on the back.  Interestingly Fanta is sold separately in a gloss and sold lip balm set which I chose not to buy:






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