Sephora Mini Haul

I went in to Sephora just to see if I could find the NARS Special Edition Audacious Rita in the Red container.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock on it — again.

Instead of leaving the store, I started looking at what they had for Besame Cosmetics, hoping to come across the mini gold bullet lipstick set.

Photo cred for the lipstick set below is Besame Cosmetics.


They didn’t have it.  It was suggested by one of the Sephora ladies that I should check the bins by the register and see.  I found the powders there, which I already have on order, but no lippies.

Celebrating my birthday month isn’t easy.  To cover my disappointment, I ended up finding other cute sets for under $20.00.


I got the Becca Glow set ($20.00), Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair! Hair Therapy kit ($20.00), Benefit’s the POREfessional ($12.00), Smashbox’s Primer Water ($16.00), and NARS Radiant Creamy in Vanilla ($12.00).

Those bins by the register are deadly.  Intentionally, insidiously deadly.

I didn’t get the Special Edition NARS lipstick but I still got some things that I’ve been interested in trying out.  And yes, this is my b-day gift to me.  Added bonus – Sephora gives you a gift for your birthday, and I chose the Marc Jacobs set which has a lipstick and liner within.

The lady at the register thought I had gotten my makeup done by one of the makeup consultants.  Apparently my makeup is on point today.  She loved the liner I had on, so I will write that one up in another post!





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