MAGIC BOX: How To Be A Redhead / H2BAR



How to be a Redhead was created by redheads for redheads. 

This is a subscription box that comes monthly.  When I found them, all I thought was IT’S ABOUT TIME, AMEN THANK YOU!

The company was founded by redhaired twin sisters Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti (pictured above).

The price for the lovely red box I get once a month is currently priced at $19.99.   They have the by month and the year subscription.  Sometimes the samples (about eight or ten along with special discount coupons and beauty tips) are replaced with a different surprise — full size samples.

When joining, I filled out a short questionnaire as to what is important to me.  For me, besides finding makeup that matches and compliments my skin tone (black eyeliner and black mascara are too severe, especially for every day so trying to find auburn or brown mascara and eyeliner is always a priority), I’m looking at hair and skin care.

I’ve been receiving the boxes since August, and always find an eclectic mix covering my concerns.  They introduced me to companies such as jelly pong pong (I never used bronzer before, found it too scary, but after using their Caribbean Sun product, I can’t imagine being without it – I look less ….well, the word in Spanish is phonetically: HEEN-CHA, meaning pasty pale.  Like a ghost).

I get to try out different moisturizers in sample size so I can judge whether I break out or not before deciding to go buy it.  This helps someone with sensitive dry skin tremendously.  I have yet to see what their foundation and concealer selections will be.

Sometimes there’s a little extra gift like a mini makeup bag themed with the brand.

Because of How To Be A Redhead, I also got introduced to a redhead makeup line called Just For Redheads, and another called Redhead Revolution Gingerlash “Honest Auburn” Mascara — they have THREE red shades for mascara!  I use the Honest Auburn – I had gotten it as a sample from H2BAR (the shortened How to Be A Redhead).  This led me to checking out the makeup site called Just for Redheads and it caters to all makeup ever dreamed for a redhead!  H2BAR looks for products that are cruelty-free, hypo allergenic, with no parabens or dyes.

Last month, after seeing an email tease about something big happening with the November box, I got surprised with a full line of full sized NEON products from a Paul Mitchell “takeover” of the November box.  The NEON series is about taking a stance against bullying, which is already awesome.  I now use this as part of my hair care and plan on buying more once this finishes.  The Paul Mitchel NEON line smells delicious, sweet, citrusy and clean.  I use it and my hair appreciates it.  Thumbs up!

I love their redhaired pride (their hashtag #RockItLikeARedhead is awesome) and their merchandise (tees, tops, cups) and subscription box product picks reflect the love and care and understanding of fellow redheads.  We take hold and claim “Mermaid” as our own.  Their website (the sisters note that their site is the ONLY one that caters to redheads) offers beauty tips for makeup, skin care, taking pride in your freckles, sun protection, hair styles, famous celebrities who also happen to be redhaired, and all fun stuff that makes me look forward to the next box.  The sisters also have a book called How to Be a Redhead that came out in April and you can order it from their website or Amazon and they have book signings all the time.

I also learned about how around the world, redheads (and gingers) unite to march for #stopbullying and taking pride in one’s looks.  As a redhead, there can be teasing and ignorance and outright bullying with people’s fascination with red hair.  History hasn’t always been kind to redheads.

Articles on redhair marches and rallies around the world:



National Love Your Hair Day was submitted by the sisters and will have its third annual next year – November 5.  Yes, it’s recognized in the U.S.:



NATIONAL LOVE YOUR RED HAIR DAY (submitted by Adrienne & Stephanie V.)


If you are a redhead or know someone in your life that is, I can’t imagine a better holiday unique beauty gift.  You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube & Twitter, you know, the usual social websites.

From the About Page on their website:

“Adrienne and Stephanie are both natural redheads and have struggled to find beauty and fashion items that cater to young, trendy redheaded women. When Stephanie was a teenager, she went blonde to “fit in,” but realized she felt and looked best with natural red locks. As young girls, they both had trouble finding ‘redhead friendly’ products because most items caused their skin to irritate or break out. Many makeup consultants at department stores shied away when they would ask which mascara or blush matched their fair complexion. They took it upon themselves to test and try different types of products and love expressing their fun redhead personalities with fun pops of color in their wardrobe.

When they discovered mascara, they will never forget how beautiful they felt! The discovery of streak-free instant tan, products that beautified their frizzy hair, natural but fabulous bronzers, lotions that didn’t irritate their sensitive skin…was revolutionary. Over the years, Adrienne and Stephanie have learned to master all of the complementary redhead techniques.

Since there was no place for Adrienne and Stephanie to turn to for advice, they created for redheads throughout the world to celebrate a redhead’s beauty, in both the fashion and beauty sector. All featured products on have been tested on a redhead for a minimum of 10 days and receive the “redhead friendly” stamp of approval. Adrienne and Stephanie hope redheads can finally take a sigh of relief knowing there is a [finally] a community that provides top beauty and fashion advice for redheads that can be trusted while also empowering them to live confident lives. The redhead sisters have coined the phrase “Rock it like a Redhead” as the tag line for their blog posts and social media photos to proclaim that it’s all about rockin’ your red hair with certainty and spunk.”

Just one final note:  I can only appreciate the irony that I see the YouTube vlogger/Insta/Twitter/Snap makeup trend lately is painting on fake freckles onto one’s nose and cheeks.  While I’ve spent my life trying to cover or minimize sun exposure.  LOL!


















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