After checking out on a YT binge, I found myself ordering a new giftbox subscription — this one for FabFitFun.  The video I saw was very funny, and I needed that.

It looks like it has full size products instead of samples, which is always a plus.  But that means it’s a little pricier than the usual $10.00 you see from Birchbox and Ipsy and Sephora.

They have two options, one that has a box coming to you four times  a year, and you’ll get charged for one at a time just prior to its release, or you can pay it all at once.  There is also an “upgrade” choice called “Select”.

For now, I’m going to check out “Editor’s Box”.

Once it comes in, (Spring 2017) I will review.

I placed my order today and I wanted to pass on this lovely pre-holiday gift of $10.00 off (click at the hyperlink FabFitFun) your first box purchase from FabFitFun



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