Makeup Look of the Day

Today I attempted to do an entire look using Besame products.  Because I don’t yet have the mascara cake and brush along with a blush, I wasn’t able to do a complete look and had to “cheat” using Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara, E.L.F.’s creamy eyeliner in a pot in the color Coffee (on eyelid close to lash only, did not do water line or under eye), and to keep the skin and lips intact, used NYX Matte Setting Spray for the face and E.L.F. exfoliator in Brown Sugar and NYX Lip Primer in Deep Nude to prep my lips.

The finely milled Violet brightening powder from Besame was carefully applied using the little powder puff that was provided with it and I applied it as a foundation, eye primer and concealer.  Then while it “set” I put on my eyeliner and mascara.  After that, I used my full foundation brush and went over my face to blend and take off the excess powder.  That smoothed me out.

I spritzed my face with the NYX Matte Setting spray.  Then, I applied the Colourpop x Hello Kitty collab blush called Coin Purse (the loveliest dark pink blush I’ve ever seen).  I left my lips for last, putting on Besame’s 1941 Victory Red Special Edition lipstick.  I blotted my lips and gently reapplied the lipstick.  Then I curled my hair to complete the look.

Oh my GOD I love this look!  I look so fresh and awake!

This is as close to my regular look – vibrant red lips, a little blush and powder the nose and that’s usually my look.  But with Besame, it becomes a more special experience.

I finished with yet another spray of NYX Matte Setting spray.  Remember, I’m not wearing any foundation, concealer or eye primer.

I can’t wait to get more of this product line.  Beautiful.






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