Beauty Questionaire – and Tag you’re it!

Hi Lovely Readers,

I found this on beautifybrooke‘s site, and thought it would be fun to answer!

You are welcome to use the tag, too!  Hope you like!


  1. Name a beauty regimen you rarely/never do – Use a cold cream or wash my face every day if there’s no makeup on it.  I also no longer use soap on my face, and will use makeup remover cloths or cotton pads with Cetaphil.  And I don’t moisturize my face and body as much as I should.  Sheer laziness.
  2. Is washing your brushes something you do regularly? – Yes.  I use a makeup brush cloth wipe or spray and clean each time before I use them.  The brushes claim they have an antibacterial covering to them, but I still clean them.
  3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish? – I don’t wear nail polish that often.  When I do, it depends on the color.  If it’s knock out or cherry/siren red, then I can’t go more than an hour and it has to be fixed otherwise, I remove ALL of it.
  4. How long do you put off replacing a beauty product before running out, even if you really need it? –  I’m fairly new to the makeup world, so I haven’t had the issue of freaking out that my makeup has to be replaced.  Most of my reliables are drug store, and easily replaced due to price and readily available everywhere.  I also don’t wear makeup every day and don’t go heavy on applying it so I guess it depends on the user as well as the product. Mascara tends to be the one I go oops about and am lazy to replace – I’m still trying products out.  Oh, and philosophy’s Hope In A Jar – cuz it’s moisturizing but expensive. I wait for a sale so I buy a big tub – but have gone two -three months without it.
  5. What’s your worst beauty habit? – Not being organized with my stuff!  I just bought a new beauty organizer, so I’m finally putting stuff away and in organized compartments.  Procrastinating is the other.  Finally, I’m an insomniac so I know that wrecks havoc on my skin and hair.
  6. How organized is your makeup? – See number 5.  Soooo NOT.  But now that I’m buying makeup, this former no makeup gal has found herself with a growing makeup cache and it needs to go somewhere.  It’s now better organized than it’s been, and I couldn’t be happier!

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