Acrylic Case! Part 2 or the Importance of Organizing

Dear Lovely Readers,

It’s only been a couple of months, and I admit that I’m in the throes of a makeup addiction!

It’s so much fun finding and trying out new products, and sharing that with you, dear readers.

Here’s the new addition to the acrylic case – and I may have to get another by New Years.  The original I spoke of in this post is sitting on top.

It may look a bit messy within the clear compartments, but it’s actually organized.  First level of the new organizer under the original organizer holds all my lippies – mostly Colourpop.  The first of two subdivided drawers has all my foundations and concealers on the left side and on the right eyeliners and random miscellaneous single eyeshadows and serums.  The middle two compartments hold my eyeshadow pots – mostly E.L.F. and Colourpop and Milani and the right side holds highlighters, sample serums and blushes from E.L.F., Colourpop, NYX.  A couple of cream liners from E.L.F. and Tarte sit here too.  I also have some liquid foundation in here because of overflow but I don’t use as much.  The very bottom drawer is the deepest and has two compartments.  Bottom left they hold my palettes – the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette, Sola Look’s Flashdance Palette, E.L.F.’s Mad for Matte, etc. – in other words, it holds several of them just fine.  Bottom right holds my HD matte powders, and some random Maybelline and E.L.F. products for makeup removal or setting.  The drawers are deep, which is exactly what I wanted.  It took some time to find this specific piece, because most organizers only seem to feature shallow drawers and teeny tiny compartments.

My brushes have been moved to the Sonia Kashuk cup, so cute.  The brushes are mostly E.L.F. and Wet N Wild, and a Tarte double ended eyeliner bamboo brush sits alone with the mascaras on top of the acrylic stack.  The original acrylic organizer on top now holds mascara and some lipsticks, eyecream and eyeliners.  You can also see my Beauty Blender and Real Techniques beauty sponge sitting there.  I put them there to air out after use.  The drawers are mostly empty, but I did put a couple random lippies in the bottom drawer and I believe an E.L.F. Beautifully Bare blush and I.T. Cosmetics BB blush sit in the two “long” drawers of the little organizer.

This one was bought by family, I believe they may’ve bought it either at the Container Store or Amazon.  It’s a work in progress.





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