MAGIC BOX: IPSY (with future update)

Just ordered subscription from Ipsy after my experience with Birchbox to see and compare sample experiences.  Seeing recommendations for other sample subscripts brought me to Ipsy.  They charge $10.00 (U.S.) a month or $110.00 (U.S.) upfront for the year.  They go by a point system and referral too.

After Ipsy sends an email saying “we have a few select open spots to order”, I’m told after signing up with my mail and credit card information that I’m on a “wait list”.  In order to get off the mail list, I have to 1) alert a friend on Facebook and 2) alert friend on Twitter.  It can’t be one or the other but BOTH.  Uh-huh.  So I “allow” their company to have access to my Twitter and Facebook feeds.  Bingo!  Off the wait list.  Kind of shady.  In order to get that ickiness out of the way, Ipsy then offers you 100 points for following through on what THEY wanted from you.  Uh-huh.  Still shady.

As I wait for the box, Ipsy offered me a referral link.

For now, I can offer this link for followers who are new to Ipsy and would like to try them out:

Once I get the box, I will post an update and pics with my findings.  Thank you all for following me!


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