Dearest Beauty Lovelies,
Just a lovely reminder that this NICKA K giveaway ends November 30, 2016! Winners will be DM’d and prizes will be mailed out by the first week of December 2016. Don’t forget to tell a friend1 YAYYYYYY!



Hi everyone!  It’s been an amazing couple of months, and writing up posts on my taking baby steps in the world of makeup has become a way to keep me writing, keep me busy, keep me sane and keep me focused.  It makes me happy to post and I always rejoice when I get a new viewer and follower.  I’m going on 25 followers!  This is fantastic!

To celebrate this lovely little milestone, I decided to do my first little giveaway.  As for the giftee itself, I based it on the post that seemed to get the most hits, which was for the NICKA K makeup kit.  I have 2 makeups, including the one that I featured in my post.

If you are interested in the giveaway of receiving one of these cute NICKA K makeup sets, make sure you are following me, tell a friend to follow, and…

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