LET’S REVIEW: NICKA K Perfect 10 Colors Palette

While inspired with the Dollar Tree makeup challenge, I went to see if I could find some other products at my local beauty supply stores, and try them out.  I found this for $1.99 and found it so cutely packaged.  It’s from NICKA K. called Perfect 10 Colors.

There are three different color palette themes, so I picked the brightest one #AP020 (“straight out of the 1980’s” remarked my cousin) just to have fun.  I did not use the applicator that came with it but the E.L.F. “C” brush.


The pigmentation is good – slightly chalky and not creamy or buttery, it does take several swipes over the lid, and the blending is OK.  The first ingredient listed is TALC, then MICA.  While the look is bright and stark, it was like playing with a child’s mini-pack of watercolours.  I found it fun.  The white, which is an eyeshadow, barely showed on me.  The main colors in the middle, the 4 are actually blushes!  They were the ones applied to my entire eye lids, and the deep blue-purple (ALSO LISTED AS A BLUSH) on the top left was used for the far corners of the eyes for more depth.  I started with the brighter orange on bottom of palette for the lid, after applying my ELF Shadow Lock Eye Primer.  I ended with underlining my eye with the dark pink on top middle of palette.


Finished look with the five colors combined on my lids:



Not bad for the price.  I like the blush twist on the eyes!  The colors are rich.  I don’t know if I would be trying to pass this over and over my cheeks, as I said, you want your blush to have either a bit of a powdery kick or creamy.  This provides neither.  Because the price is so low and it gives you color options, I would like to try the other two palettes.  But I would not rush to buy them.  This is a take it or leave it thing for me.

I would save this particular palette for going out to a club, or Halloween or as a little something for the Christmas or Office grab bag. It would make a cute little gift.  *grin*

You can buy this at your local beauty supply or nicka.com or ikatehouse.com


Nicka K Perfect 10 Colors Palette

An expertly-coordinated eyeshadow & blush palette featuring ten different shades perfectly suited for mixing and matching.
Crafted with our signature, highly-saturated pigments, all the colors in Nicka K Perfect Ten palettes are not only multi-purpose, but also formulated to beautifully highlight, contour and define.
Crease- and fade-resistant.



Below is the chart that’s on the back of the shadow kit.





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