Let’s Review: Dollar Tree Store Brand part one – Sassy + Chic BB Cream

Inspired by the YT trend of makeup “challenges”, I decided to check out the $1.00 brand challenge at the Dollar Tree Store, where you can find miscellaneous things for $1.00 each.  One store just opened by me and there are two more crosstown that I can readily check out.

I was eager to get to the first one, and was kind of disappointed.  Their makeup section was rather dismal.  There were a ton of boxes piled up — so I guess I came on a day that they had yet to unpack everything.  I managed to pick up a couple of things, like makeup sponges.  I also picked up a kabuki brush and a BB cream from SASSY + CHIC.  The BB cream was only carried in one shade, Light 1.  I figured it’s a dollar, so let’s go for it.



The makeup was about the consistency of toothpaste, only slightly more runny.  There was no pleasant perfume.  It smells, well, plastic-y.  There’s nothing pretty or flowery about it.  I first applied just a little dab onto my cheeks, nose and forehead, but I didn’t see much difference.  I then applied it a bit more generously.  The instructions on the back said to use one’s fingers.  It felt kind of like a glue texture.

The instructions also say keep away from eyes and lips.  A part of me felt while applying it that this was just very wrong to put near let alone on my skin.

Even after a half hour after applying it, my skin still felt slightly tacky.

I don’t know if I’ll keep this on much longer, but I did take a couple of pics so you can see the coverage.  The description on the back of the package reads in bold print:  “A multi-tasking formula blurs the imperfections and moisturizes the skin.  For all skin types.”

Simple answer to that?  No.  Doesn’t provide coverage or blurring.  My freckles showed clear through.  For those with sensitive, oily or troubled skin, I wouldn’t try this.  The ingredients list has water and mineral oil as the first two in this product.

I think I will put this as a NO for anyone else interested in buying it.





Here is a close up — you see my freckles, and you also see how the “blurring” this makeup claims simply doesn’t occur.  If anything, this stuff doesn’t smooth but show every goosebump.  Not happy with this.




The kabuki brush, also from Sassy + Chic is very soft and smelled…weird.  Plastic-y too.  The brush part doesn’t feel like it will be sturdy and I fear it will shed immediately.  I had initially thought I would use it to apply the BB cream but felt it wouldn’t even hold up to application for that.

I liked the kabuki handle, but beyond that am not feeling very enthused to use it.  The E.L.F. brushes are much sturdier for a dollar or two more.

I VOTE NO on buying this one ever again.

Ingredients on back:






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