Let’s Review: Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil


I received a care package from a friend who knows about my always looking to try out drugstore makeup.  The Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil is part of their Flamed Out line and is listed as an eye shadow and a liner.  The beautiful silver grey color (300 Silver Flame) was very exciting — I opened the top, and … there was no point.  Literally.


I thought that maybe it was one of those that look like a pencil but you have to twist the bottom.  Nope.  I put the top back on and twisted that, hoping that perhaps that would help.  This appeared.


But alas, trying on the product — the nub kept disappearing into the pencil body.  I tried my best, but I checked online to see what I was doing wrong.  There seemed to be similar complaints on the Covergirl product page itself.  Not good.

The other complaint seems to be of the thickness, the size of the pencil is not jumbo but not thin either.  So some have had to go buy a sharpener to handle sharpening duties.  So…there IS no sharpener in this thing?!

The color kind of glides on, but I’m sure I would have gotten a better distribution if the point didn’t come broken, which seems to be par for the course versus a rare occasional thing.

Will try to sharpen and see what happens with this.  I have a NARS sharpener which has a dual opening, for both thin and thicker pencils.

Guess what?  Total waste of my time.

The WHOLE product was completely loose within and fell out!  There was no way to keep the point inside and to apply something loose and wiggly was pointless.


Look at that!  The entire product came out in one shot!

Tried to put the product back in, and it just broke apart.  It became like a ultra soft putty.  Disappointed, I threw it all away.  Too bad.  The color was lovely.  What I could salvage from my initial application will have to do.  SO much for smudging.  I like the idea of a silver dark grey shadow/liner, so I may look for something like this in another makeup line.



This pencil is listed on the Covergirl site is a whopping $6.74 (price may vary elsewhere).  This price alone is an insult.

When I read the reviews on the Covergirl site, it turns out that the reviews date back to 2013 — how this product with major design flaw issues continues to be put out is beyond me.  It’s sad, because the product itself is creamy and promising as far as smudging seemed ideal but…the pencil design stinks!  Maybe there’s a reason why creamy soft putty consistency eyeshadows are put in a tub or a thicker fatter jumbo pencil design tube!

My advice?  DO NOT BUY.  Not worth it.  I read in the reviews that NYX has something similar in a jumbo stick that was pretty decent, a mention of Rimmel’s ScandalEyes also came up in the reviews, may look for that…

Covergirl you can find in basically any drugstore that carries cosmetics.  Amazon also carries it.  You can see the color – I used it as a bottom under eye liner here and it’s gorgeous.  A shame.

Ingredients weren’t immediately available on the website.  Had to really look for this.  Found a description on Amazon


Water/Eau Butylene Glycol Sodium Stearate Glycerin Nylon-12 Phenoxyethanol Simethicone Methylparaben Propylparaben Hydroxyethylcellulose Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Butylparaben Sodium Benzoate Potassium Sorbate Mica. May Contain/Peut Contenir: Titanium Dioxide Bismuth Oxychloride Ultramarines Iron Oxides Chromium Oxide Greens.


Apply directly to eyelid for full coverage shadow or to lash line to use as an eyeliner.















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