Today’s Theme was OMG can I salvage my look?! or color correct-us ooka-mun-gus!

I am a bit impatient waiting for my brush to arrive to handle this foundation stuff.  There are sooo many brands and styles out there, for liquid, cream and powder, it’s just ridiculous.  Is there ONE that can cover all three?  E.L.F. has a stipple brush that has gotten good reviews so I ordered it — now to wait to get it.

In the meantime, I have product to review and I’m itching to try out the makeup hauls I’ve been happy to be able to get — and now my Colourpop package arrived.

I stayed small, because they had free shipping but I just…I have been going nuts spending on stuff and I’m trying to be good.  Holidays are coming.

I reasoned with myself.  I said, “Self…this is for checking out Fall colors and stepping outside your comfort zone and to continue your beauty blog which is a lot of fun doing — OK, you want to do fun stuff, and step outside your comfort zone, and try different colors, right?  Right?”  Voice inside goes, Yes.  Yes.  Nodding, if voice could nod.

OK then.  We will be good about what we purchase, and look out for free shipping and keep it to one shadow and/or one lip, OK?

OK, sounds good says meek voice.


Now, let me step back a bit from Colourpop.

What happened earlier today was, I was anxious. I wanted to try the new concealer I got from my E.L.F. haul.  But first, I got distracted by this fat green pencil with creamy green color corrector stick also from E.L.F.


I had understood this was to counter redness, ruddiness.  Glides on easily, creamy like butter.  So…I went a little crazy.


And it took me a bit with my fingers to BLEND this greenery.  This color corrector was pretty disconcerting, looking like Elphalba.  Also it’s a bit thicker in consistency in the creamy arena, and it took a while to blend this in.

And.  Done – you can see the green hue on my face.


Now time to try out E.L.F.’s Oil Free Maximum Coverage Concealer in PORCELAIN.




I put a little on my finger — it’s liquid-y.  I then applied to my face and blended with my fingers.  The smell of the product?  Smells like glue.  Like Elmer’s Glue.  It goes away, it’s not overpowering.

Depending on the lighting, with this color corrector and liquid concealer I can look like Death. But I’m understanding this is to give me a “clear canvas” to work on with color.


I decided to focus on my lips and try out this NYX Butter Gloss in Devil’s Food Cake.  You know, to keep with the Halloween-y Death look.

It looked promisingly opaque and dark in the tube.  On the lips, not so much.  I was expecting creamy matte, from the “butter” description in its title, but it’s glossy.  The nib is nothing extraordinary, and applied the product smoothly.  Glides right on.  But it’s more glossy than buttery.  So I don’t know if this is to dry more matte or what.





It’s a sweet color for day, very innocent looking, but I was expecting something darker, richer, sexier, like….actual Devil’s Food Cake.  Smells a little like vanilla cake. At least the price isn’t too bad.  $5.00 (U.S.)

What to do with this ghoulish appearance?  Well, it’s not Halloween yet.   I went to put some warmth back in my face and went to my trusty Bare Minerals Matte Foundation.

I needed some color — so I got out the NYX HD Blush in Electro – Bright Fuchsia, which reminded me of the highly pigmented blushes of NARS that kind of intimidate me with their dark deep brightness.  I shouldn’t be so.  This is about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something NEW.  So.  OK.



It took me a few minutes to get this sucker to open.  The kewpie bow design was annoying to me and I have no nails so it took a bit to figure out how to open.  Annoying.  I had to go online and see what other people did on YT, feeling like a doof.

And I ended up getting a sharp pair of scissors and jimmying it under the bow.  It finally opened, YES, and the color is beautiful!  The cell camera just doesn’t do it justice.

I grabbed my E.L.F. blush brush, another recent acquisition, and applied to the blush.  At first I noticed no kickback of powder, but looked at the nib of my blush brush and it had color.  I tapped it real quick and applied.  OHHHHHH COLLLLOOOOORRRRRRR  Technicolor!  A little goes a long way.


I took what I thought was my other clean hand, to move a stray hair away from that side of my face, and a huge dark streak of pink went across.  OHHHH NOOOO!  I look like I got slapped.  I tried rubbing the powder off.  NOOOOOO it made things worse.  I look like a Raggedy Ann doll and someone who got too much sun and burned like a lobster…which is my color for the summer if I’m not careful.

I applied the Bare Minerals Matte and this helped to calm the color down.  I look a bit more normal now.  YES!


OK, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.  Exhausted.  No eyeshadow, liner or mascara.

But I sure look alive and healthy here.



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